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Easy and quick to use except for that extra amp thing.

By nicholas on April 21, 2012


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Worked & fit perfectly on my 2005 mustang highly recommended if looking for an adapter at the perfect price

By Chito on January 2, 2015


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No problems

Bought this for my 2004 navigator and it works without any problems. And as always sonic got it to me quick and nicely packaged. Sonic is the best online dealer by far.

By Dave on July 14, 2014


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Great deal, good quality harness

Wire harness had everything. Some kits come up short on what wires are included but this harness had it all.

By Tylor on January 2, 2012


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Great value.

Sure saves a lot of time with wiring in my new head unit.

By Michael on August 4, 2014


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easy to use

When driving an US car in Europe, parts are hard to get, but these parts were delivered fast and secure. It's easy to use and fits like an original part.

By Henk on October 14, 2011


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works great

fit perfect. made install easy. Fits 2005 F350 price is right.

By jerrie on December 15, 2014


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Good Value

Easy to use and perfect fit.

By Joseph on October 13, 2010


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Makes Life Easy

Made installing an aftermarket radio in my 2008 Mustang GT easier. Just be sure to put a resistor in line with the amp turn on wires to prevent popping.

By Richard on February 28, 2011


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Great product

This was the easiest product to install, only took a couple of minutes to install and was hooked up and doing its job. I would recommend it to anyone that needs one.

By Joshua on September 17, 2013


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Great kit, easy to install

What more can I say other than this kit made installing my replacement head unit a snap. It doesn't get any easier than this! In fact, it took me longer to solder and heat shrink the wiring harness than it did to actually install the head unit.

By CHRIS on January 18, 2010


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Adapter cable

Directions not very clear, all the wires were not addressed and was not able to utilize all the features of my truck.

By James on August 8, 2012


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Good product

This harness was easy to install no guessing works great plug and play.

By Ryan on August 27, 2011


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Includes lead to pin #19 for connection to OEM steering wheel control

This is the harness you want for a Lincoln LS. It includes the lead to pin # 19 for the OEM steering wheel control. You will still need a compatible aftermarket head unit and a steering wheel control interface. I highly recommend the Axxess ASWCI. You won't need the rca leads for a base Lincoln LS stereo replacement though it is included in the kit I assume for the other models.

By Daniel on June 15, 2011


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Scosche FDK11B / FDK11

worked great. helped with the install a snap

By Jeremy on November 29, 2009


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Scosche FDK11B wire harness review

I am very please with this harness. Color coded and labeled for easy installation.

By StL4lyf on September 23, 2014


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Good Product

Put this to a SONY MEX-BT5100 in my 07 GT Mustang WITH the MyColor option.... worked wonderfully!

By Ryan on February 26, 2010


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Quick install

Made the install of my Head Unit so much fast and less troublesome. Works great!

By Sean on May 18, 2011


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Perfect Fit

Had every wire i needed to connect to my DVD player and it was the right one. I have had several others that were not correct but sonic electronix got it dead on. Also all the wires were color coated and labeled and matched right up to the DVD player's. It also came free with the DVD player as did the dash kit. Good product.

By GATOR-OIL on May 23, 2010


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Great Value

This is a very easy and simple product. The instructions were very understandable

By George on November 26, 2014


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wiring kit

Easy hookup :]

By Troy on September 30, 2011


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Everything works

I have done an installation for the first time. It was a success the first time around. All speakers, including the subwoofer work. Easy to follow color coded wire instructions.

By Nooranee on September 21, 2013


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very cheap and it make all the wiring very simple. almost a plug and play everything is colored coded. dont attempt if you dont know what your doing

By Cody on June 25, 2012


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OK, but....

Ya order a wiring harness....thinking it's plug and play...and then you get it and the stereo and you wind up having to splice them together...seems like someone would just make it to where you simply order a stereo, then the harness and they're both plug and splicing materials, so make sure you buy some for small diameter wire...takes about 45 minutes.

By Craig on April 17, 2015


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Great value

This made my radio install very easy & was free with my radio purchase.

By DAMON on February 7, 2012


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Perfect fit

Plugged right in on my 2005 F-150 Lariat - no problems - everything is clearly marked and self explanatory.

By Nick on January 18, 2011


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worked ok,

Plug and Play?? It had its challenges. The amps "popped" on power up. Also there is no dimmer wire in my harness so I had to find that else where, just a couple issues. I have 3 amp out puts on my stereo, this adapter combines them into one so you can't select to turn one off. Was better then chopping up my stock harness.

By Glenn on September 29, 2014


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Great Value

This item was the exact part I needed to hook-up my new in dash car stereo to the existing wiring in my vehicle. The price from Sonic was the lowest I found and they shipped it the same day I placed the order. Thanks Sonic.

By Joseph on December 1, 2010


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Works with mustangs, even with shakers! but read review

Just want to let everyone know, this works with the 05+ mustangs as well BUT!!! if you have the my color option, there is some canbus connections that go to the radio and this WILL NOT WORK

So if you do not have mycolor, this will work

If you do have mycolor, you need to look into one of the adapters specificaly for the newer mustangs that cost about $125

By Jason on August 13, 2009


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Some of its great, some of its not!

The main harness works exactly as it should and is great to work with, but the sub connector doesn't seem to actually turn the sub on. I'm not sure if its a lack of power from the remote turn on or if there is another issue with the wiring in my car, but it doesn't put anything through the sub.

By lauk101 on July 23, 2009


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Ford F-150

The connector fits and works as it should. What can I say. The package has the necessary wire descriptions, so hookup was no problem. Makes hookup easy.

By Jesse on August 13, 2015


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good value

Came with head unit to aid installation. Works as advertised.

By Michael R. on November 7, 2016


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great product

this product fit my car with no problem just plug and go.

By John on April 16, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Scosche FDK11B

This harness was used when I installed a Pioneer AVH-X4800BS head unit in my 2007 Mustang GT. Wires are color coded, so application is basically simple. After installation, unit works perfectly, and I had no issues. Just take your time when matching the wiring, and you will be satisfied with the results.

By Roger on April 6, 2017 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Worked as designed

The kit fit the existing wiring harness correctly. It was nice to have all the wires marked. That made installation so much easier!

By Dan on February 14, 2017 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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it fits

nice to have the hardness that fits and works well, I didn't have any problem with it

By Gustavo on November 28, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Harness for F150

Did as it was advertised. Each wire was labeled for identification.

By Steve on July 12, 2016


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Wire harness 2007 f150

2007 f150 has two wire harnesses, this will hook up to the big one only. On that note make sure to check the antenna input, ford's have a big plug.

By Ramon on June 14, 2016


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good value

the wire adaptor kit and mounting kit worked out good the raido is ni my 05 ford F150 but i still have open space that you can fit your finger into.need something to fill the gap!!

By steven on May 11, 2016


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Great product!

Harness worked as advertised and was thrown in with my head unit for free! Thanks Sonic!

By Andrew on March 4, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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