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Winter Park, FL

Verified Purchase
Fantastic Sound Quality

May 3, 2019

The Sony amp has no problem making deep bass, the midrange is smooth and the treble is airy. Great amp for any driver. Bridge it for strong midbass drivers. Use another Sony gs4 for midrange and tweeters. You will love it. No noise, hiss or engine whine.

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High build quality from Sony

April 19, 2018

Product arrived boxed nicely upon opening the package I discovered a fantastic looking amp with a build quality that matched the tier and specs of this amp I’m running this amp to a pair of alpine type s components in the front and a pair of precision power 10 inch pro audio speakers in the deck of my 2015 Ford Fusion I bridged the rear Chanel’s and run Low pass and the front to channels on high pass this amp pumps out plenty of power to drive deep bass and clear highs with no distortion at high volume this was an upgrade over the smaller 300 watt alpine this is replacing Also I’m running this amp on the supplied speaker input converter plug and factory head unit and the remote sensing feature works amazing ultra quick response and turn on this amp is a Hidden Jem buy one now!!!!!

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