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Cypress, TX


September 10, 2012

i Have a lot of this running through my car and really for the price, its amazing wire , true size and very felexable, plus real copper!!!

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Asheboro, NC

Stinger SK4201

September 17, 2012

This amp kit is very nice and is easy to install, the wire is very flexible and looks good too.

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northridge, CA

great product

September 18, 2013

This has to be some of the best wiring I have ever owned..The people over at sonic recommended me this ..and im satisfied with the performance,look,and value. Will definitely recommend this product.

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Ruby92 3x12



September 30, 2014

CAR AUDIO OWNERS WORLDWIDE, PLEASE READ MY REVIEW VERY CAREFULLY AND UNDERTAND THAT THIS WIRING KIT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! TRUE SPECIFICATIONS, GOOD QUALITY WIRE AND YES, TRUE OXYGEN FREE COPPER! Haven't hooked mine up yet. But, I can assure YOU ALL this wire will bring every watt and then some out of your amp! Got me a Hifonics Brutus 2400.1D from here as well. Wires fit just perfect! I'll be back later to review this kit again. I only have the 4 ga kit I bought from here hooked up for now. PLEASE READ MY REVIEW FOR THE STINGER SK4241 4 GA WIRING KIT!!! IT TAKES POWER TO MAKE POWER, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!! Well, hope my review was helpful! HAPPY & SAFE SLAMMIN' EVERYONE!! SONICELECTRONIX FOR THE WIN, STINGER FOR THE VICTORY!!

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cedar rapids, IA

Verified Purchase
Just arrived yesterday, so they have not been installed yet but impressed by first looks

August 26, 2015

I just bought these cables to run 2 12'' pioneers with a 2100rms class D amp, the wire is very good in size ( actual copper inside not just a oversized rubber surround) VERY flexible for the thickness it is and came with everything needed for a proper install. The only thing I would say needs improvement would be the fuse holder, it seems like a cheap plastic cover that has huge gaps on the side that could possibly be an issue if the right conditions were presented such as water somehow following the wire into the fuse holder which shouldn't happen to begin with but you can never rule anything out with cars in general especially when it comes to audio products. Overall nice kit though and would defiantly recommend to others, ( maybe get a different fuse holder if you want to be completely safe though)

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Belgrade, MT

Verified Purchase

August 30, 2015

Way cheaper here than at my local shop for the exact same thing. Very flexible and easy to install, only question is the thickness of the wiring, about as thick as ten year old ofc 4 gauge wire I have laying around. I guess they make the jacket thicker these days to have the same appearance as wire of old, regardless it works.

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