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It's ok...

Pro's: Simple piece of equipment.

Con's: Voltage glass face was scratched (looked used) and the plastic protective covers for the 2 inputs/outputs was installed upside-down (had to unscrew the case to flip them around).

By Russell on January 18, 2015


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stinger capacitor

i recommend this product. because i tried it, very wisely!my 2 ( 2000 watt )amp are connect to this cap!it's at 15.9 volt! in contrary of those who thinks caps are not worth . they are the voltage went almost 3 volts plus,.. because my amps are regulated voltage i can't go further 15.9 voltage of the cap . but if they weren't i could knob further more... till 18 volt... because of this , my sound went plus 6 db... yes almost at ears 400 more watt... how comes nobodies says this... that's worth product. soun is more perfect. bass is cleaner. more tigh . more sound . more music, mre bass!. i have two D amplificators wires to this cap. these amps are 0.05 thd and i'm sure of it it come 0.0005 thd. it's more cleaner and also more powerful thought. it's better than inside a home theater or in a cinema . that's worth it .

isuzu kb 4ja1 campo truck 11cv
( nakamichi 450 btu source 4x11 w 5 volts,
cerwin vega 7 equ,7 volt 90 db
kicker front row 0.004 thd,110db 24bits
stinger 10 farad hybrid 15.9 volts

alpine ampl.D ktp445 u 80db 1 thd
4x 50 watt rmsamps for the tweeters( on front) 1 kit of components kicker ex 4"in the middle of the car 40w rms in // wth 2 pair of 8 ohm tweeters (dashboard) and 1 pair of coaxial jbl power 50 w rms 4" on doors frame,

power acoustik 2000D 70 db 0.05 thd
1 pair of coaxials jbl power 110w rms 6 x 9 (on rears)on amp. 2x170watt rms bas reflex- +cerwin vega 8 ohm 300 w rms10" sub watt behind driver (rear)paired with one 1x170 watt rmsbass reflex,for the DD midbass 12" in the back middle o th car ,double bass reflex.

power acoustik amp 2500 D 70 db 0.05 thd
1 x 600 watt (sub)kicker 450 w rmssolo baric10" round behind passenger seat bass reflex,
2x 100 watt kicker ss 2x90 wtt (rears.)put on front seat boxes bass reflex.5"
subwoofer (sub) on front kick panel 2 x100 w rms pairs of jamo 8 ohm 150 w 5"
big 4 update,
115amp battey 110 AH
volt stabilizr
8 zro gage wire on the motor to chassis.
90 amp alternator.
plus all the fuses.
one volt digit.

it's verybig thought
difficult to install
fear of the fire man

it works like champion.
god quality

By greg f on August 22, 2016


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Stinger SPC5010

I am using this capacitor to power my sub amps in my 2004.5 Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab. I have 2 amps powering a sub each. I may not have needed this large of a capacitor but I will never have to worry about power drop as I have a large demand on the electrical system of my truck. The voltage guage is nice to have as well as a backup to know you are getting the proper power output. Need to make sure that you have the proper output from your alternator and batteries!! I look forward to many years of service from this cap!

By Anonymous on June 4, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Exceptional Product

It's a true 10 farad cap, not like most of the other lower quality ones. It keeps my voltage at the amp right at 14.1. The display matches my DMM readout so it is accurate. No more dimming lights, and it has slightly improved the low end on my system. Only complaint is the small plastic feet, they didn't break, but seem a but fragile.

By Joe on March 4, 2016


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Sweet product

This cap keeps my lights from dimming. Easy to install!

By John on March 2, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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marvellous product!

i bought this , it works fine. i putthe voltageat 15.9, because my amp power acoustik is a regulated power amp. the sound i better, it is more powered, it's cleaner! what else. how comes nobody,says that before, it's a wonderful producy the sound has trpled. since i put the voltage at 15.9 volt.and my amps areless stressed..... thanks sonicelectroix. i buy everything at your shop! by internet . it's fast and accurate!.i'm proud of this capacitor, and the digital voltage is bad ass too. good the remote when you switch off!good quality

By greg on August 29, 2016


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Great product at a great price.

I’d recommend this to anybody that doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a high amperage alternator. This works like a battery/capacitor combo and works really well as far as producing a lot of clean power to keep up with your subs and keeping your headlights from dimming. It’s made really well and it looks good to and I like the fact that it accepts 4ga-1/0ga.

By Richard on April 12, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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By Freddie on June 15, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Only cap I've ever had that actually does what it says. Running 2000k on a soundqubed Amp to 2 15" JL subs on stock electrical with 0 Guage from batt to trunk and even on heavy bass songs it won't drop under 14.0 very happy with this hybrid cap. The plastic mounting hardware was trash but other then that no complaints, it looks great and definitely stopped all voltage dips

By Steven on September 15, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Not a bad buy

If you have over 2k watts id recommend not only upgrading your charging system, high output alt, big 3, ect but having a decent primary and secondary agm battery at least. That is how you'll get the most out of this.
It works as advertised. The bonus was the shipping. It arrived 2 days earlier than expected and that right there is whats up. Thank-you sonic electronix. Made my weekend. It didn't get rid of my headlight dimming but I can tell a difference in voltage and crisper bass. The one con is I had to go to stinger to find out how they said to use the charging card. And the machine screws for the mounting feet weren't included or at least not with mine. Trip to home depot for some short m3 screws and bamm

By Kasey on December 20, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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A true 10 farad cap!

This in conjunction with a higher output alternator took care of my dimming lights. Best of all, my voltage at the amp stays at a rock solid 14.4V.

By Anonymous on January 8, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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It's awesome but...

Well I've always wanted one of these. It definitely seems like a high quality Capacitor. But it isn't working for me. I mean I did my big 3. I haven't gotten a high output alternator yet. I hooked this bad boy up and to be honest my lights still dim just as bad as before and I think my bass sound a bit worse.
Now I know I need a high output alternator, and I definitely need parallel batteries. Then once I get that done, I will get a matching Rockford Fosgate capacitor for my system. But for now I think I need to get the batteries and alternator.
It's a nice capacitor tho. I doubt it's 10 farard tho..

By Hunter on July 23, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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By Christopher on August 13, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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