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Discontinued Two-Way Radios & Communication

Discontinued 2-Way Radios
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Top Sellers in Discontinued Two-Way Radios & Communication

40 Channel CB Radio with 4 Watt Output Power and RF Gain Control (1001 Z)

40 Channel CB Radio • Ergonomically designed full-sized Microphone With Front Panel Locking Connector • 4 Watt Output Power • CB/PA Switch • Instant Channel 9 • Digital Power Meter • External Speaker Jacks


40-Channel Portable CB Radio

• Midland 75-785 40-Channel Portable CB Radio
• Durable Rugged Construction
• 4-Watt Output Power
• PLL Channel Selection
• Squelch Control
• High/Low Power Settings
• Automatic Noise Control
• Electrostat Electronic Microphone


5-Foot Fixed Mount VHF Radio Antenna with NOAA Weather Radio and 3 dB Adjustable Gain

• 5' Fixed Mount VHF Radio Antenna
• NOAA Weather Radio Capable
• Adjustable 3 dB Gain
• Durable Design


50-Channel GMRS Radio Pack with Direct Call Capability, Backlit LCD and Silent Operation

• Midland GMRS Waterproof 2-Way Radios
• 50 Channels
• 284 Privacy Codes
• 36 Mile Range
• EVOX 9 level Handsfree Operation
• NOAA Weather Alert
• JIS4 Waterproof
• SOS Siren
• 10 Call Alerts


50-Channel GMRS Radio Pack with Drop-In Charger, 36 Mile Range and Backlit LCD Display

• Midland GMRS 50-Channel Walkie Talkies
• 284 Privacy Codes
• 36 Mile Range
• EVOX Handsfree Operation
• NOAA Weather Alert
• SOS Siren
• JIS4 Waterproof
• 15 Call Alerts
• Liquid Crystal Display


2-in-1 Plug and Play, 40-Channel Micro Mobile-Portable CB Radio

• Micro Mobile-Portable CB Radio
• Plug-and-Play
• 40-Channel
• Two Emergency Channels
• Large Backlit LCD
• Favorite Channel Memory
• Channel Scan
• Keypad Lock
• Hi-Low Power Settings
• Auto Battery Save


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Public Alert Weather Radio with 3 Language Settings

• SAME Technology
• Automatic Weather Alert Response
• LCD Backlit Display
• Battery Backup
• 3 Language Settings


40 Channel CB Radio w/ Automatic Noise Limiting, Noise Blanker and X-TRA TALK Mic Control

• 40 Channel CB Radio With Automatic Noise Limiting
• 4 Watt Output Power
• X-TRA Talk Mic Control
• Switchable Noise Blanker
• PA Function
• External Speaker Jacks
• 9 Ft. Coil Mic Cord
• Instant Channel 9


Tactical Action Boom Mic with PTT

• Action Boom Mic with PTT • Large Tactical PTT • Perfect for Hunting, Airsoft and Paintball Activities • Adjustable Boom • Easy Stealth Communication • MIL-SPEC Grad Cord


2-Way Radios with 22 Channels and Weather Alerts with 26 Mile Range

• Portable 2-Way Radios
• 22 Standard Channels with 14 Extra
• 26 Mile Range in Optimal Conditions
• NOAA Weather Alerts and Weather Channels
• Backlit LCD Display


Mobile BearTracker Scanner with 9,000 Channels and GPS Support

• TrunkTracker III Technology
• 9000 Dynamically Allocated Channels
• Close Call RF Capture Technology
• Band Scope
• Continuous Band Coverage
• S.A.M.E. Weather Alert
• DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode
• System / Channel Number Tagging


Weather Scan Technology and Backlit LCD Display with 40 Channels and Automatic Noise Limiter

• Full 40 Channel Digital Tuner
• Weather Scan Technology
• Maximum 4 Watt Power
• Digital Power Meter and LCD Backlit Display
• RF Gain Control


22-Channels with 24 Mile Range and Dual Power Options

• Portable 2-Way Radios
• 22 Channel with Channel Scan
• 24 Mile Range in Optimal Condition
• Call Alert Notifications
• Hi/Low Power Settings


40 Channel CB Radio with SoundTracker Noise Reduction and 7 NOAA Weather Channels

• Full 40 Channel CB Radio
• 7 NOAA Weather Channels
• SoundTracker Noise Reduction
• Instant Channel 9/19


Dynamic Omni-Directional CB Radio Microphone

• 4-pin Dynamic CB Radio Microphone
• Rugged Drop-Proof ABS Plastic
• 9-Foot Cord
• Compatible w/ Most Radios w/4-Pin Connectors


MAG Mount CB Antenna with Universal Compatibility

• CB Radio Antenna
• MAG Mount CB Antenna
• Universally Compatible
• 17-7 Stainless Steel Whip
• Pre-Wired Cable and Connector


2.5mm Clip On Earbud Microphone for Use with Cobra Radios with Single Pin Speaker/Microphone Jack

• 2.5mm Clip On Earbud Microphone with Push To Talk Button
• Meant for Use with Cobra microTALK® Radios with Single Pin Speaker/Microphone Jack


External High Powered Noise Cancelling CB Radio Speaker w/ Rugged Heavy Duty Design and Talkback

• Noise Cancelling External Speaker with Talkback
• Rugged Heavy Duty Design
• Noise Cancelling Circuitry
• 15 Watt High Output Speaker
• 10' Cable Length


Remote Mount CB Radio Boom Microphone w/ Gear Shift Mount Push to Talk Button for Safety & Convenience

• CB Radio Remote Noise Cancelling Boom Mic System
• Push to Talk Button Mounts On Gear Shift Lever
• Can Be Worn On Top Of Head Or Around The Neck
• Compatible With All 4-Pin CB Radios


External Hands Free Noise Cancelling Microphone for All Cobra 29 Series Bluetooth Radios

• External Noise Cancelling Microphone
• For Use With All Cobra 29 Series Bluetooth Radios
• Works on Any Cobra 29 Series Radio
• Long 118" Cable


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