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Discontinued Tape Measures

1x25 Orange Tape Measure

Orange Tape Measure • Clear Coat Blade Protection • Hi-Viz • Comfortably Designed Case


Measuring Tape, 1/2" X 12

Contoured Housing • Sliding Thumb-lock • & Quick Auto-return • Belt Clip On Back • Lifetime Warranty • 12 Ft X 1/2"


Laser Dist Measurer

Measures Range Of 100 Ft With 1/18" Accuracy For Fast & Easy Measurements • Green Back-lit Display For Increased Visibility On Dark Job Sites • 1 Button, 1 Function When Selecting The Unit To Give Volume, Square Feet, Linear Measurements As Well As Add Or Subtract Readings • Continuous Measurement For Layout Applications • Flat Base Unit Offers Better Stability When Measuring From Flat Surfaces