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Tune your system to perfection with these crossovers, equalizers, and bass drivers. Search this category and improve the sound quality of your sound system.
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4-Band Graphic Equalizer with Subwoofer Output and Adjustable Crossover

4-Band Graphic Equalizer • Dedicated Subwoofer Output • Adjustable Frequencies for all Audio Bands • Auxiliary Input • Front Master Control Volume • Night Illumination • Fader Control • Half-DIN Size Chassis


4-Band Equalizer / 9-Volt Line-Driver / Multiple-Source Signal Processor

• 4-Band Equalizer and Line-Driver
• Multiple-Source Signal Processor
• Great for MP3 Players, Mono or Stereo Subwoofer Setups
• Dual Inputs with Level Matching
• Selectable Illumination


3-way Electronic Crossover with Remote Subwoofer Level Control

• Planet Audio 3-way Electronic Crossover
• Remote Subwoofer Level Control
• Independent Front and Rear Level Controls
• DC to DC Power Supply
• Outputs for 3-Way, Front, Rear and Subwoofer System Configurations


Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor Performs Like AudioControl Epicenter

Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor • Wired Remote Control • Parametric Bass Control • Output Level: 13.5 volt • Balanced Inputs • PFM Subsonic Filter • Bass Output Control


Digital Sound Processor, Bass Expander / Reconstructor like AudioControl Epicenter

Digital Bass Processor • Dash Mount Remote Control • Parametric Bass Control • Output Level: 13.5 volt • Balanced Inputs • PFM Subsonic Filter • Bass Output Control


7-Band Paragraphic Equalizer & Subwoofer Crossover

7-Band Paragraphic Equalizer • Full Aircraft-Style Night Illumination • 105dB Signal-To-Noise Ratio • 7 Volt Output


System Integration Digital Sound Processor

• System Integration Digital Sound Processor
• Logic 7 Surround Processor
• DSP Equalization and Time Correction
• Supports up to 8-Channels of Audio
• 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
• For Factory or Aftermarket Systems


Concert Series Two Way Crossover with 5-year warranty!

• Concert Series 2-Way Crossover
• Built-In Line Driver
• High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters
• Simple Connection and Setup
• Balanced Inputs
• Internal Switching
• Ground Isolation Selector
• Gold-Plated RCA Jacks
• Sierra White


20-Band Remote-Mount Graphic Equalizer w/ 13V MAX Line Driver

• 20-Band Graphic Equalizer
• Easy Level Matching Feature
• Dual-Bandwidth Equalization
• Speaker Level Inputs
• Independent Front/Rear Equalization
• Independent Subwoofer Control


5-Band Parametric Equalizer EQ w/ Kicker Remote Level Bass Control Input

• 5-Band Parametric EQ
• 12 dB Cut/Boost
• Front/Rear Fader
• 2 Pair RCA Inputs
• Line 1/Line 2 Selector
• Remote Bass Level Control
• 7V Output
• Adjustable Input Gain (950mV-9.6V)

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Compact Disc for Calibration & Setup of CL441DSP and CL-SSI

• Calibration CD for JL Audio CleanSweep
• Contains Tracks for General System Tuning
• Channel & Phase Identification
• Pink Noise
• Sine Waves


2 Channel Trunk-Mount 13 Band Equalizer with Crossover & 5-year warranty*!

• Trunk Mount Equalizer with Crossover
• Programmable 24 dB/Octave 2-way Linkwitz-Riley Crossover
• Line and Speaker Level Inputs


6-Channel OEM Integration Line Out Converter with Equalizer & AccuBASS, 5-year warranty*!

• 6-Channel Line Output Converter
• 6-Channel Preamp Level Outputs
• 12-Volt turn-on lead output
• Independent Front, Rear, and Sub EQ Controls


Subwoofer Electronic Low-Pass Crossover

Subwoofer Electronic Crossover • Gold Plated RCA High Impedance Input Jacks • High Level Low Impedance Input Terminal • 12dB Bass Boost@ 45,80 or 120Hz • Low Pass Settings: 50, 90 & 180 Hz


2-Channel Trunk Mount Dual Bandwidth Graphic Equalizer and Pre-Amp with 5-year warranty*!

• Trunk Mount Equalizer and Pre-Amp
• PFM Subsonic Filter
• Line and Speaker Level Inputs
7 Band, 1 Octave Equalizer
6 Band, 1/2 Octave Bass EQ
• Color: Salmon Gray


Adjustable Line Driver with Signal Booster and a 96 db S/N Ratio

• PAC LD-10 Line Driver with Signal Booster
• Boost Your Signal and Gain the Most Power Out of Your System
• 10X RCA Signal Booster
• Solid State Ground Loop Isolation
• Left and Right Gain Level Adjustment


7-Band Preamp Graphic Equalizer with LED Power Meter

• 7-Band Preamp Graphic Equalizer
• LED Power Meter
• Subwoofer Output


7-Band Graphic Equalizer X-Bass Low Frequency Boost Selector

• 7-Band Graphic Preamp Equalizer
• Two Separate Front and Rear Channel RCA Outputs
• Gold-Plated RCA Input Connectors
• 5-Step LED Power Meter
• 0-12dB Boost/Cut
• Night Illumination


10 Band Graphic Equalizer/Signal Booster

10 Band Graphic Equalizer Amplifier • 12dB Boost • 2 Channel amplification • 2 or 4 Speaker hook-up • LED Level meter • Fader control • Frequency response: 30-20000Hz • Impedance: 4-8 Ohms • 200 Watts rated power


2/3-Way Electronic Crossover

• 2/3-Way Electronic Crossover, Remote Subwoofer Level Control
• Speaker Input Gain
• RCA Inputs: Front, Rear, Subwoofer
• Remote Subwoofer Level Control
• Number of Channels: 3


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