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Discontinued In-Dash Sound Processors

4-Band Equalizer / 9-Volt Line-Driver / Multiple-Source Signal Processor

• 4-Band Equalizer and Line-Driver
• Multiple-Source Signal Processor
• Great for MP3 Players, Mono or Stereo Subwoofer Setups
• Dual Inputs with Level Matching
• Selectable Illumination


5-Band Parametric Equalizer EQ w/ Kicker Remote Level Bass Control Input

• 5-Band Parametric EQ
• 12 dB Cut/Boost
• Front/Rear Fader
• 2 Pair RCA Inputs
• Line 1/Line 2 Selector
• Remote Bass Level Control
• 7V Output
• Adjustable Input Gain (950mV-9.6V)

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4-Band Equalizer with 9-Volt Line-Driver and Multiple-Source Signal Processor

• Half-DIN, 4-Band preamp EQ with front/rear active crossover features
• Line Driver circuit delivers 9-volts of preamp level signal through the RCA's
• Audio input selector
• Input level controls


7-Band Graphic Equalizer X-Bass Low Frequency Boost Selector

• 7-Band Graphic Preamp Equalizer
• Two Separate Front and Rear Channel RCA Outputs
• Gold-Plated RCA Input Connectors
• 5-Step LED Power Meter
• 0-12dB Boost/Cut
• Night Illumination


7-Band Amplified Graphic Equalizer With Subwoofer Output

• 7 Band Amplified Equalizer
• RCA Or Speaker Input
• Preamp/Amplified Preamp
• Fader Control
• LED Power Meter


7-Band Dual Zone Graphic Equalizer with Auxiliary Input and Independent Subwoofer Control

• PrecisionPower 7-Band Dual Zone Graphic Equalizer
• Auxiliary Input
• low-Pass Filter
• Red Backlit Control Knobs
• Fader Control
• Independent Subwoofer Level Control


7-Band Preamp Graphic Equalizer with LED Power Meter

• 7-Band Preamp Graphic Equalizer
• LED Power Meter
• Subwoofer Output


4-Band Parametric EQ with Subwoofer Control and Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply

• 4 Band Parametric EQ with Subwoofer Control
• Rotary input gain control
• Isolated PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply
• Selectable two color illumination
• Subwoofer gain control


4-Band Parametric Pre-Amp Equalizer w/ Gold Plated RCA Connections and Fader Control

• Parametric Pre-Amp Equalizer
• 4-Band Frequency Adjustments
• CD and Radio Inputs
• Front, Rear, and Subwoofer Outputs
• Front CD/Auxiliary switch
• Master Volume Control
• Gold Plated RCA Contacts


1/2 Din 5 Band Parametric Equalizer with Built-in Crossover & Subwoofer Control

• 5-Band Parametric Equalizer
• Built in 6 channel 8 Volt Line Driver
• Full System Fader Adjustment
• Half Din Dash Mount