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Discontinued Remote Start

Deluxe 1-Way Remote Start Keyless Entry System w/ 4-Button Remote & Cold Start Timer

• 1-Way Keyless Entry Car Alarm
• 4-Button LED Transmitter
• 1500' Range
• Up to 20 Minute Engine Run Time


2-Way Remote Start System

• 2-Way Remote Start System
• 4 auxillary outputs
• Command confirmation and notifications
• SmartStart™ compatible
• One mile range


1-Way Remote Start System w/ Virtual Tach and Bitwriter Programmable

1-Way Remote Start System • Slim 1-Button Transmitters • Bitwriter Programmable • Turbo Timer • Valet Take-Over • Car Finder • Anti-Grind Circuitry • D2D Serial Port • Virtual Tach


2-Way Paging Car Alarm Vehicle Security and Remote Start System

• 1,500 Ft Range
• Built-in Turbo Timer
• Two Car Operation
• 3 Auxiliary channels
• Rechargeable Color Remote
• Wall Charger Included


1-Way Remote Start System/Keyless Entry with On Board Relays

1-Way Car Remote Start System • Integrated Keyless Entry • Two 4-Button Remote Controls • Super Bright Blue LED • Remote Paging System • 1000 ft Operating Range


Remote Starter with 4 Button Remote Control with Data Bus Port (DBP)

G Series Vehicle Security with Keyless Entry System • Complete Remote Engine Start with Keyless Entry • True RPM Sensing • Gas or Diesel Compatibility • Power Door Lock Control


2-way, 4-Channel Vehicle Security System / Car Alarm Remote Start w/ Multi-Colored Screen LCD Transmitter

• On-Board 2 Way Serial Port For i-Data Link Data Bus
• Programmable Outputs
• On-Board Temperature Sensor
• Multi-Color LCD Remote Control


1-Way 4-Button Remote Start System with Keyless Entry

• 1-Way Keyless Entry Remote Start
• Comes with (2) 4-Button Remotes
• 1500' Range
• Smartstart Compatible • Viper ESP2 Serial Communication Protocol


1-Way Remote Start System w/ Keyless Entry & Factory Alarm Integration

1-Way Remote Start Keyless Entry System • 800ft Range • Cold Start • Dedicated Trunk Output • Manual Transmission Compatible • Upgradeable to Two-Way


Remote Car Starter w/ Keyless Entry, Trunk Release and 2-Way Data Port

Remote Car Starter with 2-Way Data Port • For Vehicles w/ Smart Keys and Push-to-Start Technology • Ultra Small Unit Size • GM Starter Timing • Temporary Stop Feature • Gasoline or Diesel Engine


EVO-ALL Universal Bypass Module + THAR-GM1 T-Harness for Select GM Vehicles

• All-in-one data immobilizer bypass and door lock interface
• Multibus architecture with 10 separate communication ports
• T-Harness for use with Fortin EVO-ALL
• Easy plug in installation

2-Channel Remote Start Module with Keyless Entry, Trunk Release and 2-way Data Port (C3 RS-603)

2-Channel Remote Start Module • Keyless Entry • Trunk Release • 2-Way Data Port • Two 5-button Remotes • Compatible with C3 Cellular • Valet mode • Extended Range Antenna


Remote Start/Keyless Entry/Vehicle Security System w/ 4 Button Remote

• 1-Way Keyless Entry Remote Start Car Alarm

• Up To 20 Minute Engine Run Time
• Trunk Release
• Backup Battery Port
• Low Temp Auto Start


2-Way Car Security + Remote Start System

• 4-Channel Vehicle Security System
• 5-Button LCD Transmitter
• 1 Mile Range
• 5-Button Sidekick Remote Control Transmitter
• SuperCode Encryption
• Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor


Car Alarm Remote Start and Keyless Entry Vehicle Security System w/ 2-way LCD Remote

• Active and passive arming
• Silent, valet and panic mode
• Valet take-over
• Short-run/turbo timer
• Starter anti-grind circuitry
• Dual zone shock sensor


2-Way Paging Remote Start Vehicle Security System w/5 Button Remote & BLADE Technology

• 2-Way Paging Keyless Entry Car Alarm w/ Remote Start
• Slim 5 Button Transmitter
• BLADE Cartridge Compatible
• Supports Multiple Vehicles


1-way Car Remote Engine Start System with Keyless Entry and Two 4-Button Remotes

1-way Remote Engine Start System with Keyless Entry • One Button Start • Turbo Timer Built-In • Two 4-Button Remotes Included • Panic Mode • Valet Take-Over • Car Finder • Timer Mode • Starter Anti-Grind Circuitry


1-Way Remote Start System with Keyless Entry

• 1/4 Mile Range
• (2) 1-Button Remote Transmitters
• 66-Bit Encryption
• SmartStart Compatible
• Viper ESP2 Serial Communication Protocol


Remote Start System with Keyless Entry and Two 5-button Super Code Remotes

24 Channel Remote Start • Keyless Entry • Two 5-button Super Code Remotes • 2000' Foot Range • Parking Light Flash • Manual Transmission Mode • Car Finder • Trunk Release • Valet Mode • Rear Defogger • Panic Feature


3-Channel Remote Start System with Keyless Entry

3-Channel remote start/keyless entry system with 1 auxiliary channel • New miniature XCRS (Extreme Capacity Relay Satellite) • Stealth coding technology • Turbo-timer built-in • Programmable run time in 1-minute intervals 1-60


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Remote Start Information

Remote Start

A remote car starter is the preeminent way to sustain luxury in your vehicle no matter what the season. At Sonic Electronix we sell remote car starters, which allow you to start your vehicle's engine by touching a button on your keychain remote. If you have the heater or air conditioning running before you turn off the car, the next time you use the remote start it will automatically heat or cool your vehicle based on your previous climate settings. Many of our car starters are equipped with keyless entry to give you most convenience possible. Some remote car starters also feature car alarms to guard against theft. Besides being a safety feature, these remote engine starters are helpful for those who are on the go.

We offer many different manufacturer and products to remote start your vehicle that are sure to keep your car safe and keep you away from any delays. At Sonic Electronix we also offer professional installation and assistance for purchasers within the area looking for reliable and trustworthy service.

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