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Discontinued Trigger Modules

Low Voltage Trigger

Provides a 12V nominal output from a low current source • Converts 5 volt amplifier turn-on to 12 volts for aftermarket amplifier turn on • May be used to sense audio signals to create an amplifier turn-on


Low Voltage Trigger for Remote Amp Turn-On

Low Voltage Trigger Module • Works for Remote Amp Turn-On • 2 Second Delay to Prevent Turn-On-Noise • Supplies 2A of Current • Can Drive Multiple Amps or a Power Antenna


Programmable Universal Trigger Module

• Universal Trigger Output Module
• Easily Configured Through a PC or Android Device
• Eight Inputs
• Four Outputs
• Timed Output Is User Adjustable


Universal Timer / Trigger Output Module (Same as PAC TR7)

Universal Timer and Trigger Output Module and combines many different features into one box


Low-Voltage Trigger Device

Low-voltage trigger device • Gives you a 12 volt turn-on signal from a low-voltage turn-on circuit • Input: 2-30 Volts • Output: +12V, 1 Amp • LED "on" indicator


Amplifier Turn Off Delay Trigger

Delay amp turn-off timer(2-second turn off delay)


Electronic Interface System Pop Stopper with Turn-Off Delay

Electronic Interface System Pop Stopper • Eliminate Audio Pops or Thumps • Integrated Turn-Off Delay • Can Be Used as a Combination of a Turn On and Turn Off Delay Timer


12-Volt Ignition Supply for Adding Aftermarket Electronics

Provides +12 Volt Ignition Supply • Used When No Ignition Lead Is Present In The Vehicle • For Adding Aftermarket Electronics


12 Volt Speaker Trigger

Interface will create a 12 Volt output from a pair speaker leads • Monitors a pair of speaker leads and creates a 12 Volt turn-on signal • LED "ON" Indicator • Requires a 12V+ ignition and 12V- ground