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Discontinued Auxiliary Input Switchers

You are currently viewing discontinued products.

2-Channel Dual Aux/RCA Splitter with Automatic Switching

2-Channel Dual Aux/RCA Splitter • Allows Connection and Automatic Switching Between Two Audio Devices • Output Can then be Connected to Any OEM or Aftermarket Auxiliary RCA Audio Input


  • 5.0
1 review

Auxiliary Input Adapter and Pass-through Extender

Allows any 2005-up Pioneer CD changer-controlling head unit to accept an auxiliary source • Use for MCD Player Connection • Use for RCA to IP Bus • Auxiliary Input Adapter


2 Changer Switch with Auxiliary (Aux) Input Switcher

The External Media Switcher Box allows you to expand and system-build extra compatible devices from your Kenwood head unit. It has one External Media Control input and two External Media Control outputs.


Current Sensing Auxiliary Audio Switcher • Allows use of an external input while retaining Ai-NET CD changer • 1 Pair RCA Inputs


2-Channel Multi-Purpose Source Switcher

2-Channel Multi-Purpose Source Switcher • Will Automatically Switch Between Two RCA Sources • Switches Between Cassette Player and In-Dash CD Player • Switches Between Two Auxiliary Devices


Ai-Net Multi-Changer/Versatile Link Adapter

Ai-Net Multi-Changer/Versatile Link Adapter • Allows up to 2 Changers and 2 Auxiliary Audio Inputs • Connects to 2001 and up Alpine Ai-NET Receivers


  • 4.0
2 reviews

Universal Switchable Triple Auxiliary Input Selector

Switchable Triple Auxiliary Input Selector • Accepts Three Auxiliary Input Sources • Includes a Selector Brain Module • Wired Remote Selector Box • three pairs of Gold-Plated RCA Inputs • Status LEDs


Audio Source Switcher - 2 Inputs and 1 Output (AS-21)

Switcher between two audio sources • IC isolation chip used to eliminate ground noise • Positive and negative trigger wires select inputs


FM Stereo Modulator

• Universal FM Stereo Modulator
• 6 Foot iPod to RCA Adapter
• Male to Male Extensions
• Toggle Switch With 24" Leads


Multiple Sony Bus Adapter, Allows you to Connect up to Three UniLink System Sources to your Receiver

Sony XA-C40 Multiple Bus Adapter • XM or Sirius Compatible • Daisy chain up to 4 • Automatic Switching Between Devices • Connect 3 compatible S-Bus Devices to 1 Controller


Auxiliary Input Expansion Module Hub Unit for Select 2006-up Panasonic Car Stereo Receiver

Expansion module hub unit is an optional add-on to compatible Panasonic head units that allows the connection of up to 4 optional devices


15 Ft Source Selector Extension Cable for the X3 Input Selector

15 Ft Source Selector Extension Cable • For Use with the X3 Switchable Triple Auxiliary Input Selector • Male Jack Connects to the X3 Brain


Auxiliary Input Adapter for Unilink Receivers

Auxiliary Input Adapter � Add auxiliary sources while retaining the use of your Sony CD Changer � Choose between two sets of auxiliary RCA Inputs: one is linked to a headphone jack, for private listening while the Sony receiver plays on the second source


2-Changer Switch + AUX Input Switcher

Changer Switch-Box • Connection between CD changer, MD changer, RCA-stereo audio signal into a head unit equipped with changer controls


Current Sensing Auxiliary Audio Switcher • Allows use of an external input while retaining IP-Bus CD changer • 1 Pair RCA Inputs