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Discontinued Toasters & Ovens

You are currently viewing discontinued products.

White 2 Slice Conventional Toaster

White 2 Slice Conventional Toaster • Slide-Out Crumb Tray • Toast Boost • Automatic Shutoff • Cancel Button


Black 2 Slice Conventional Toaster

2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster • Cool-Touch Exterior • Slide-Out Crumb Tray • Toast Boost • Automatic Shutoff • Cancel Button


2-Slice Cool-wall Chrome Toaster w/ Auto Shutoff

2-Slice Cool-Wall Chrome Toaster W. Auto Shutoff • Automatic Toast Boost Lifts Slices Higher • Auto Shutoff • Cool-Wall Sides • Shade Selector


2 Pack X-large Vacuum Bags

2 Pack X-large Vacuum Bags • Airtight and Watertight • Triple Your Storage Space • Triple Your Storage Space • Compress Bulky Seasonal Items


5pc Space Bag Combo Set

Guaranteed Airtight • 2 Medium Bags • 2 Large Bags • 1 Extra Large Bag


2-slice Toaster (white)

2-slice Capacity • Variable Electronic Timing Control • Automatic Shut Off • Removable Crumb Tray For Easy Cleaning • Designed To Fit On Kitchen Counters • êwhite


Maximatic Eka-9210w White 4 Slice Toaster Oven Broiler

4 Slice Toaster Oven Broiler • 1000 Watts • 15 Minute Timer • Power Indicator Light • Removable Toasting Pan • Quick Cleanup


2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster

2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster • Cool-Touch Exterior • Slide-Out Crumb Tray • Toast Boost • Automatic Shutoff • Cancel Button


Toastess Stainless Steel Single Coil Cooking Range

Single Coil Cooking Range • Portable • Variable Temperature Settings • Indicator Lights • Easy to Clean


Compact Toaster Oven w/ Slide Out Crumb Tray

Compact Toaster Oven W/ Slide Out Crumb Tray • Great For Dorms And Apartments • Compact 2 Slice Capacity • Includes Bake Pan & Broil Function • Fits 2 Slices Of Toast Or 6" Personal Pizza


2-slice Toaster (black)

2-slice Capacity • Variable Electronic Timing Control • Automatic Shut Off • Removable Crumb Tray For Easy Cleaning • Designed To Fit On Kitchen Counters • êblack


2-slice Toaster

2-slice Toaster


Ionic Turbo Styler with 1875 Watts Power

• • Description Coming Soon! • •


2 Slice Conventional Toaster

2-Slice Toaster • Cancel and Bagel Modes • Dual Auto-Adjusting Bread Glides • Toast Lift • Retractable Cord


4 Slice Toaster Oven with Slide Out Crumb Tray

4 Slice Toaster Oven • Large Capacity with a Curved Interior Design • 30 Minute Timer • Slide Out Crumb Tray • Baking Pan Included


2 Slice Toaster with Retractable Power Cord

2 Slice Toaster • Retractable Power Cord • 7 Toast Shade Settings • Removable Nonstick Crumb Tray • Anti-Jam and Automatic Shut Off


2 Slice Conventional Toaster (White) w/ Cool-Touch Sides

2 Slice Conventional Toaster (White) • Cool-touch sides • Adjustable browning control knob • Removable crumb tray • Clean up is easy


Avante Classic 2 Slice Toaster

2 Slice Toaster • Safe to Touch Exterior • Self-Adjusting Slots • Pull Out Crumb Tray • Six Browning Controls • Anti-Jam Feature


2 Slice Toaster with Extra Wide Slots

2 Slice Toaster • Extra Wide Slots • 7 Toast Shade Settings • Dual Auto-Adjusting Bread Guides • Removable Crumb Tray


2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster with Adjustable Browning Control

2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster • Adjustable Browning Control • Cancel Button


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Toasters & Ovens Information

Even though they do share one toasting function, traditional toasters are different appliances from toaster ovens. Often, consumers prefer to use the larger toaster oven appliance because it is more functional for other things than simply toasting bread.

Toaster Types

Typical small toasters come in 2 or 4 slice models that can have additional features such as wide slots for thick breads, like bagels. This smaller economical appliance may be preferred by individuals who are not looking for something as complex as a toaster oven, or are purchasing within a certain budget. Also, toasters are much smaller than toaster ovens, which may be a key purchasing factor for kitchens with minimal counter space.

Of course, toasters can be very basic and do not come with certain features worth noting that are included with a toaster oven. Toaster ovens could even meet your bread browning needs while providing more cooking function. Toaster ovens are also capable of preparing foods that need to be baked or broiled.


Depending on the type of toaster or toaster oven a consumer purchases, there are numerous functions that may be considered when purchasing either appliance, some common features are:

Bagel setting: provides the best setting when toasting bagels in order to toaster the inner section of the bread without burning the outside
Removable slide out crumb tray: makes it very easy to routinely clean your toaster safely
Variable temperature settings: can be convenient when wanting to received desired toasting in one cycle, and the defrost function helps save time
Safety anti-jam: automatically shuts off toaster when there is a bread jam in order to avoiding burning
Toast shade settings: allows user to decide toast browning shade between several levels to accommodate users preference to toasting style

Other Considerations

As far as performance goes, with toasters it's not a matter of speed, but how well and even they brown bread products. Of course price rangers usually determine performance levels. For best performance, choose a toaster with a higher wattage. You may also want to consider the warranty period and whether the purchase cost makes it worth considering.

Control panel:

Stick to three dials -- cook function, temperature setting.

Automatic shut-off feature:

If the oven shuts off after 30 to 60 minutes, there's less risk of food being left to burn or the unit to catch fire.
Consider toasting needs: Regular toaster slots are wide enough for regular size bread slice. Other models with long, wide slots can accommodate slices of thicker breads or bagels.

Removable crumb tray:

These are much easier to clean than hinged trays. The best crumb trays are dishwasher-safe.

Size of oven's interior:

Consider your cooking needs. Some toaster ovens may only handle only two slices of bread; while other models may fit entire 12" frozen pizza. If you are planning to cook entire pizza, make sure to choose one that is deep and wide enough.

Oven Size:

Look for oven that fits in your counter space.
Make sure to check out the large selection of toasters and ovens at Sonic Electronix to find the one that best suits you.