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Quick Disconnect Connectors Maximum Input Gauge Size: 8 AWG

8 AWG High Current Power and Ground Quick Disconnect

8 AWG Power and Ground Quick Disconnect • Color is Red • Makes it easy to remove amps, batteries and other equipment quickly • Requires 2 pieces to create connection



Quick Disconnect Connectors Information

Quick disconnect connectors provide an easy way to connect and disconnect your wires from your speaker's connectors. Make your installation a breeze and browse our wide selection of quick disconnects.

There are three sizes of disconnects in terms of the female portion that connects to the male speaker terminals:

1. 0.110"
2. 0.187"
3. 0.250"

There are two sides of the disconnect to concern yourself with, the negative side (smaller) and the positive side (larger). Typically, a 0.250" will cover all types of positive connectors, but sometimes customers prefer the 0.187" fit. The 0.110" size is typically reserved for the negative side.

Lastly, the red, yellow and blue styles you see refer to the gauge of speaker wire you plan to use.

Largest Gauge: Yellow (12/10 gauge wire)
Mid-level: Blue (16/14 gauge wire)
Smallest Gauge: Red (22/18 gauge wire)

Buying the correct color of connector is straight-forward and depends on the gauge of wire you use.