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Add-on Car GPS Navigation
Mountable under the seat or in the trunk, these modules typically are for "brand-specific" add-on navigation. Some units are universal add-on pieces and connect via the video input of the monitor or source receiver.
Car Stereo Installation Parts
Finally getting that car stereo that you have always wanted? In this category you will find everything that you need to install your new stereo, as well as items that you can use enhance the sound from the new headunit. Some of these products include installation dash kits, wiring harnesses, iPod adapters, connectors, noise filters, Bluetooth handsfree kits, and more.
EQs & Sound Processors
Find a quality line output converter, digital sound processor, EQ, crossover or bass enhancer in here.
iPod & iPhone Car Adapters
Here is our large selection of iPod and iPhone car adapters and cables. Use these cables to connect and control your iPod or iPhone with your Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, Pioneer or other aftermarket in-dash car stereo receiver. Many of the iPod adapters listed here will also charge your iPod or iPhone while it is connected. There are USB to lightning cables and USB to 30-pin cables.
Phone Mirroring Car Stereos
Here you will find a variety of in-dash car stereos which feature MirrorLink technology. These stereos provide easy-to-use in-dash 2-way control over compatible iPhone and Android smartphones.
Steering Wheel Control Interfaces
These adapters allow you to use your vehicle's factory steering wheel audio controls to control your new aftermarket car stereo.

All Car Stereos Information

Why Shop for All Car Stereos With Sonic Electronix

Car stereos are the most vital pieces of any car audio system. When shopping for all car stereos it’s important to understand that not all in-dash receivers or vendors are created equal. When you shop with us you not only gain access to hundreds of stereos to choose from, but you also get some distinct advantages. One of the most distinguishing factors of head units is their screen size. Also, pay close attention to the types of inputs and outputs on the radio itself.

Saving You Money & Simplifying the Installation Process

On all of our car stereo receivers, we offer discounted or even free car stereo installation equipment with your purchase. This includes your dash kit and all necessary wiring harnesses you would need to properly install your new stereo. We’re always here to help with our customer service and technical support teams which are available to you six days a week!

Many of our car stereos are available with promotions that you can only get with an authorized dealer like Sonic Electronix. Currently, you have the ability to get a free backup camera with a number of in-dash receivers we have available. For those who enjoy listening to SiriusXM, you also have the ability to get a free satellite radio tuner via a mail-in rebate with the purchase of select stereos.

An Endless Number of Features for Everyone

Display Sizes

There is a large variation in the actual size of a head unit. Gone are the days where there are just single din and double din displays. Now, touch screen displays can vary from 6” up to nearly 11”. There are also many options to get those large displays in smaller single din housings so that you can truly install those large displays in nearly any vehicle.

Types of Inputs and Outputs

In terms of inputs and outputs, you will also see some major differences. Most car stereos you come across have both USB and Auxiliary inputs. The number of inputs will vary from product to product.

Some people like having the ability to directly connect their devices to their stereo for more lossless sound quality. The USB inputs also allow you to do the same thing and play music that you have downloaded on your device. Some USB inputs will also have a higher voltage so they can charge your smartphone faster. Some stereos with larger screens will also have camera inputs for backup cameras and DVRs.

There will also be some distinct differences between the outputs. All car stereos will have RCA outputs; some only have two outputs and others will have three. The advantage of having three outputs is that you can have separate outputs for your front and rear speakers as well as a designated subwoofer output.

The RCA output voltage will also vary. Typically the voltage ranges from 2-5V. This higher voltage will not make your system louder, but it will reduce the amount of clipping and distortion that you hear.

Get More Information

We also have some incredible resources that explain some of the crucial features of you should be aware of; these articles cover things like how these stereos will work with your iPhone and Android devices with smart features like Apple Carplay, Android Auto and hands-free calls with Bluetooth. Additionally, we have a large selection of radios that have built-in GPS Navigation as well as stereos that play CDs or other mechless digital media options available.