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A certified marine stereo is designed specifically with water in mind. Marine certified head units/radios are durable and specially coated to withstand the marine environment.
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Marine Stereos

Sonic Electronix is here for you whether it?s on the road, at home, and even out in the water! We say why shouldn?t you be able to listen to your favorite music with great sound quality while relaxing out in the open water? Sonic Electronix has a vast selection of marine stereo equipment from a great amount of manufacturers.

Marine stereo receivers are designed with conformal coated circuit boards to guard against rust. Many marine stereos are ready for satellite radio. If you get the proper setup (tuner, antenna, and subscription) you can listen to XM or Sirius while at sea, with the exception of those sailing more than 200 miles off shore or passing through the Bermuda Triangle. Marine speakers are made with water resistant materials to ensure long lasting audio playback. Many of our marine speakers feature plastic cones and rubber surrounds for optimal durability.