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Noise Filters Monoblock Amplifiers

Inline Power Noise Filter

• Digital Power Noise Filter
• Isolates Ground Loops Caused by Multiple Accessories Grounding Points
• Actively Cleans Noise Generated from the Positive Voltage Line



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Sound Dampening & Deadening
Installing sound dampening or damping materials, also referred to as sound deadener or deadening material, in various areas of your vehicle is one of the best ways to enhance your car's audio system while adding the proper insulation. Vibration absorbing materials from popular brands such as Dynamat, Hushmat, NVX, Cache and Stinger allow you to significantly decrease road noise and vibrations, soundproofing your car for maximum audio quality.

Noise Filters Information

Some car stereos have a loose connection or a detrimental interaction somewhere that you cannot manage to identify and eliminate. Whether it is noise interference, engine whine, or some other annoying sound, we understand that an enjoyable driving experience is not possible when your music is interrupted or corrupted. Our selection of noise filters will help you to eliminate that annoyance from frustrating car stereos to clear up your stereo’s sound.

We have ground loop isolators to cut out the whine that can occur in a number of connections. Put one in between your 3.5mm auxiliary jack and your portable MP3 player to eliminate the noise, or choose from our professional grade ground loop isolators designed to retain signal quality without cross-channel interference while eliminating noise from pre-amp outputs and into amp inputs. We even have adjustable isolators and those that feature gold components, for more sensitive car audio systems.

We also offer noise filters and in-line noise reduction components to pair with your aftermarket amps, which target engine whine and other high-frequency noise. These will not clarify the signal, but rather filter out the unwanted frequency. As with the isolators, your budget is the only limit on materials quality. We do our best to make every dollar go farther towards getting the components with the highest quality materials so that your solution will not degrade sound or signal quality.

No matter your budget, expertise level, or goals, you will find the right piece of hardware to eliminate car stereo noise in our selection. You can target problem areas inside your stereo’s connections to improve the quality of the signal, identify the general source of the problem and filter out the non-signal interference to enjoy better sound quality, and add isolators outside of the head unit. Whether or not you choose to install these components yourself, you can be sure that with the right information and proper installation, they will successfully improve your car audio experience.