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HID Headlight Kits Information

Series AC Ballasts Anti-Flickering Capacitors Warning Light Cancellers Radio Interference Protection Circuitry Slim Ballasts Made In The USA Warranty
Vision Extreme 12 Months
Elite 18 Months
Elite Slim 24 Months
G2 24 Months
G4 36 Months

HID Headlight Kits

HID conversion kits are a great way to increase your visibility and add a stylish look to your car. HID, or high intensity discharge headlights are an increasingly popular aftermarket add-on for off-road or show vehicles as they are available in a wide variety of colors and levels of brightness. The color of an HID headlight is indicated by the color temperature, rated in Kelvin (K). Bulbs with a temperature around 4300K-5000K are considered a ?natural? or ?warm? white, and will offer the most output of any color. As the rating in K gets higher, the bulbs will progressively become a darker and darker blue, with the light output decreasing as a result. Bulbs around 10000K-12000K are considered Deep Blue or Violet.

These HID kits are available in sizes to fit nearly every car, including popular 9006, 9007, H4 and H11 varieties as well as many more. Inexpensive budget kits will usually feature analog ballasts, whereas higher-end kits will include longer-lasting digital ballasts. Most HID kits available these days utilize DC ballasts, which are longer lasting and more reliable than AC ballasts, and many feature slim designs to cut down on space requirements under the hood. Our HID conversion kits will allow you to quickly and easily transform your traditional halogen headlamps into high-intensity discharge headlamps. Remember, these kits are designed for off-road use only; make sure to check all state and federal regulations before installing HID headlights in your vehicle.

HID Headlights

One of today?s most popular vehicle modifications, HID headlights are a great way to increase the light output of your headlights. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and represents a lighting technology which uses Xenon gas instead of a traditional filament. When the lights are turned on, a high voltage is applied, igniting the gas and creating an arc of light more than 3x brighter than traditional halogen bulbs.

HID?s consist of the physical bulb housing itself, and then a separate ballast which protects the bulb and ensures proper operation by controlling the incoming current. Although the intensity of HID?s makes them extremely efficient compared to standard halogen bulbs, it is still often useful to use an HID relay kit to increase the current flow to the ballast to ensure longevity of the bulb, especially in older vehicles and heavy trucks. For some CAN-BUS and other computer controlled vehicles, you may need a CAN-BUS or error code canceller to avoid any ?false alarm? warning lights. An anti-flickering cable may also be useful, as it will help stabilize the voltage and prevent flickering from the HID bulbs.

Understanding HID Color Temperature

The color of an HID can be determined by looking for the Color Temperature. The higher this number (K), the more blue/violet the light becomes. As the color gets more and more blue, the usable light will actually dramatically decrease. For this reason, lights between the yellow 3000K to the bright white 6000K are recommended for optimum visibility.

Understanding HID Color Temperature

For more information about HID color temperature, check out our Knowledge Base!