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Play your audio and video with one of these turntables or media players. From turntables to professional media players, you will find just what you are looking for here.
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DJ Turntables and DJ Packages Make Essential DJing Affordable

While the amp and speakers may produce and project the music, DJ turntables are a DJ’s workhorse, representing the style and essential purpose of a DJ. Choosing the right music and delivering it seamlessly without interruption is the DJ’s main responsibility, the purpose for all the DJ gear. Our selection of DJ turntables, MP3 players, DJ CD/DVD players, and accessories make certain that you won’t be left unable to create the music you need with the sound you want.

For new DJs or DJs interested trying out a different style, our DJ packages offer an affordable way to get everything you need: DJ turntables to spin vinyl and scratch or touch-sensitive turntables to mix and remix digital inputs, a mixer, and headphones. These DJ packages combine various essential components in a range of options and qualities. New DJs can immediately add vinyl capabilities to their rig in one affordable package, and experienced DJs who want to integrate digital music can become MP3 compatible with a familiar controller.

An important way that many DJs expand their flexibility and increase convenience is by purchasing a portable media device such as an MP3 player or external hard drive. These small, portable formats carry thousands of songs and can be connected to the mixer through dedicated playback docks or run through a USB controller. Adding these tools allows DJs to play songs from more media, and to easily carry more songs, without sacrificing the sound or signal quality.

If you want to improve the sound quality of your vinyl playback or get DJ turntables that you can use to scratch, you will also find the right tools to make this change in our selection. Between our turntables ranging from those constructed with the highest quality components to those built from battle-tested parts favored by top battle DJs, and the important accessories we offer, including DJ turntable slipmats, cartridges, and needles, you will have no trouble filling any hole in your DJ equipment.