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Signal Processing

Get that sound you are looking for with an effects processor, dynamics processor, graphic equalizer and other audio devices.
Dynamic Processors

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7-Band Car Audio Graphic Equalizer with Front 3.5mm Auxiliary Input, Rear RCA Auxiliary Input and High Level Speaker Inputs

• 6-Channel / 8-Volt RCA Outputs
• Blue Illmination
• Gold-plated contacts for optimum signal transfer
• Selectable 12dB Low-Pass Filter (60Hz or 90Hz)
• RCA and High Level Speaker Inputs



12 channel, Digital signal processor with advanced wireless smartphone control

• Wireless Digital Signal Processor
• Make adjustments via Bluetooth on a PC or a smartphone
• Stream music directly to the processor
• Great for UTVs and other vehicles



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Signal Processing Information

Use Effects Processors to Keep Your Songs Pumping
Maximize Your Amps and Speakers with Effects Processors

If you want to DJ at the highest levels, in big settings and for parties at major clubs, you will need the appropriate series of effects processors and components in your amp rack to make all your DJ gear sing and protect you expensive amps and speakers. The right effects and processing DJ equipment will make a world of difference in getting the sound out you desire.

We have professional preamps to boost MP3 and microphone signals so your laptop and your MC sound great. Then tweak the sound just the way it needs to be with professional equalizers and sound enhancement processors. With a multi-band EQ, you’ll be able to fine tune your mix exactly right. Then run it through an enhancer so the bass really kicks, while the highs gain natural brightness.

Next you may need a dynamic processor and a crossover. A dynamic processor will allow you to control the levels of songs to create a mix with relatively consistent volume, that only ebbs and rises when you want it to, without sacrificing the quality of the sound. Then, with a crossover, send the right part of the signal to the right speaker component, get more volume, power, and sound quality from your tweeters and subs by sending them just the highs or lows.

If you want to get more creative with the mix, then an effects processor that lets you to sample, remix, scratch, and change the rhythm on the fly will allow you to take advantage of your talents. Add this versatile tool to your mobile rig to achieve professional quality sound and effects even with minimal gear.

To compliment your creativity, we offer professional quality drum machines in case you want to beat mix in your own style and add a personal production value to your DJ performance. This tool is something you can put to effective use at any level. But you need to control the sound downstream with the right rack of effects processors to take advantage of your mix like a professional.