Protect your DJ equipment with our durable cases that fit all types of turntables, mixers, amps, speakers and more. Shop DJ cases and protect your gear!
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DJ Equipment Cases Secure Your Equipment on the Road

Any DJ knows the importance of having some quality cases, coffins, and stands. The cases and coffins you will find in these categories will be sure to protect your equipment and help keep it in professional operating order. Don't risk damaging your equipment with improper protection. Along the same lines as cases and coffins, stands can make a big difference in your show or event. Quality stands will ensure that your lights, loudspeakers, and more items and safe and secure. Don't take the risk of damaging your equipment. Invest in some cases, coffins, and stand to protect your expensive equipment.

When it comes to transporting heavy and sensitive DJ gear across long distances, heavy-duty DJ equipment cases are a necessary solution. At SonicElectronix we have light-weight hard cases for every piece of DJ equipment you could want to transport, along with collapsible speaker stands, so that you can take your show wherever you need to and never worry that your investment is at risk of damage.

Our selection of DJ equipment cases prominently features Marathon travel cases and DJ stands. These products employ recessed handles, reinforced corners and hinges, and are made of laminated plywood designed to withstand the rigors of travel. They are mountable when appropriate and can be comfortably integrated into your DJ rig – many DJs don’t even remove their gear from the cases to perform. Products include:

Amplifier Rack Cases – whether you have one amp or a series, protecting the sensitive components of these tools from jarring and physical damage is essential.

CD and Vinyl Cases & CD player Cases – bringing your music with you makes sense; leaving it susceptible to scratches or breakage does not. And if you want to be sure to keep your CD mixer in professional working condition, try one of these hard cases.

Coffin Cases – these cases are a visually recognizable symbol of the traveled-DJ. With removable front and top panels and room for two turntables plus a mixer, a coffin case is the best way to get your expert rig’s most important hardware to your final destination. With dense, adjustable modular foam lining, you will travel assured of the safety of your gear.

Controller and Mixer Cases – especially if most of your music is digital or on CDs, a simple mixer or controller case, perhaps with a laptop shelf, will satisfy your needs. With rubber feet, these cases will perform during travel and while you get to work.

Turntable Cases – the turntable is perhaps the most known DJ tool. Don’t risk the delicate arm, drive motor, and housing that let you show your skills.
Invest in some cases from these categories to protect your expensive equipment.