Complete your DJ set-up with all the essential DJ accessories including DJ carrying bags, audio adapters, cables, rack panel covers, slipmats and more.

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Every DJ is going to need cables and accessories to hook-up all of their equipment. Here you will find cables, stands, and other accessories for your DJ needs.
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Replacement Cartridge with Stylus • Red and Black Cartridge Design • Low Distortion •



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Hit the Road to Success with DJ Carrying Bags
Don’t Forget the DJ Accessories to Keep Your Gear Functioning

Experienced DJs know that exposure is a key to success, and getting exposure means traveling. Performing well when traveling requires being able to transport records and at least some gear. SonicElectronix has a wide range of DJ carrying bags to bring everything from your vinyl to your speakers to multi-format sound systems. And when you are going to perform in a new context, it is always a good idea to bring spare DJ accessories with you so that neither damaged nor lost pieces can keep you from your best.

Our DJ carrying bags feature padded sides, reinforced corners where necessary, and anti-rip nylon material. Some feature handles and wheels for towing heavier DJ equipment, and all of them collapse super thin to make storage between use easier.

Especially when you don’t know what kind of set-up you’ll find at a new club, it is wise to bring extra audio adapters and cables as well as power supplies. That way if your mixer doesn’t match their amps, they only have one audio in that doesn’t accommodate your SLR cables, or they only have digital ins and your outputs are all RCA, you will not be caught off-guard and unprepared. The same holds for spare cables. In a business that is all about performing under time pressure, bringing along everything you could need to make sure your DJ equipment works can be a lifesaver.

Another essential DJ accessory that you should consider bringing with you is your own set of turntable slipmats. Depending on the type of DJing you most frequently do, your slipmats may get heavy use - especially if you carry your own vinyl with you – so being sure to protect your investment while maintaining a comfortable and familiar feel of a known quality is a good way to ensure your success.

When you are ready to take your DJing to the next level, you should be sure you have replacement parts to repair worn gear, spare cables and adapters, and the carrying bags necessary to be a successful professional DJ.