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Find all types of microphones from wireless to karaoke mics suitable for any show, event or setting. Large selection of brand available + free shipping!


We carry all types of microphones for every kind of application, including standard wired microphones to multi-channel hand-held, head-set and wireless system. We also carry microphones for karaoke, some with songs built-in to them (commonly referred to as "magic microphones").
Wireless Microphones
Karaoke Microphones
Mic Cables XLR

Top Sellers in Microphones

(Black) Works with all XLR inputs including Microphones, Powered Speakers, DJ/Pro Speakers and more

• Balanced XLR cable for pro audio use
• Male XLR to female XLR



Professional 4 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System with Mic Stands

• Wireless UHF microphone system
•Includes 4 microphones with wind screens
• 4 microphone stands
• Microphone Battery life: 12 hours
• Signal to noise ratio: 105dB



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Optional 2 Channel VHF Wireless Mic Module

Microphone system adds dual VHF Wireless microphone capability to VM-1 ready systems • Field-replaceable design allows for quick installation • 2 Wireless microphones included • Antennas provide clear RF Reception



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Karaoke Mixer with Digital Input and 2 Wireless Microphones

• Karaoke system with two microphones
• Connects between TV and home sound system
• Compatible with any digital optical output (PCM only) and sound sytems with 1/8" stereo or RCA input
• Two microphones operate in 2.4Ghz band
• Each mic has built-in volume controls



Universal Premium DJ/Pro Audio Speaker Stand (5.25 ft, 1.6 meter) + Premium Balanced Universal 30 ft (9 Meter) XLR Pro Audio Cable

• Universal DJ/Pro Audio Speaker Stand
• Lightweight, compact design; folds for easy storage
• Balanced XLR cable for pro audio use
• Male XLR to female XLR



Super Light Earclip Headset Mic for UHF/VHF Body-Pack

Earclip Headset • 3 Foot Cord • Ultra Light, Thin Design • Fits Sizes Small to Medium • Compatible with UHF-BP1 Wireless Bodypack



Only 3 Left!

Microphones Information

The Microphone is the Most Important Link in the Signal Chain

If you have a great sounding mic going in you will have a great sounding production coming out. Microphones are the most important tools in music production as the quality of the audio signal is directly dependent on the quality of your microphone.

We offer a wide selection of professional microphones designed for vocalists and musicians to perform live or in the studio.

We also have a vast selection of wireless microphones and packages to free yourself from all those cables. Our wireless microphones are perfect for bands, Churches, and schools making set up and tear down a breeze.

Check out our Karaoke microphones. Many of which feature “plug ‘n’ sing” technology, meaning all you need is a TV with a DVD player and you can plug these mics into your system for instant karaoke.