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HID Light Accessories

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12V Relay Harness Allows HIDs To Draw Power Directly From the Battery

• HID Kit Relay Wire Harness
• Allows the HID Kit To Draw Power Current Directly From The Car Battery
• Protects Factory Wiring
• Simple Plug-and-Play Installation
• Bypasses the Vehicles OEM Headlight Wiring



H4 6K Moto/ATV HID Headlight Kit

• H4 6K Moto/ATV HID Headlight Kit
• Upgrade Motorcycle or ATV Driving Lights
• AC Slim designed ballasts for easy mounting



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HID Light Accessories Information

While modern cars require relatively little upkeep, there are still parts such as tires, brakes, fluids and of course headlights that will need to be replaced with time. When looking for a replacement headlight bulb, you have many options to consider. Most drivers typically look for bulbs that will match or increase the light output of their headlights, for increased visibility. For drivers who are seeking improved light output, a halogen bulb from Philips will offer up to 100% more light than standard factory headlight bulbs. Xenon bulbs are also available, which offer a distinctive cool white light which illuminates the road ahead effectively. All of these bulbs come in a range of connection types, including 9006, 9007, H11 and H7, ensuring we’ll have a great upgrade bulb for your ride.

For vehicles with OEM high intensity discharge (HID) headlamps, we offer a variety of factory replacement HID bulbs in a range of types and color temperatures. We carry all of the common factory bulb types, including D1, D2, D3, & D4, most of which are available in S, S/R, and S/R/C configurations. These bulbs range in color temperatures from traditional “Daylight White” colors like 4300K-5000K, “Pure White” colors like 6000K, and “Cool White” 8000K bulbs. We also carry darker blues such as 10000K, but we recommend using these only for show vehicles as the visible light is significantly reduced.


Ballasts are a key component of an HID headlight system. Essentially, they provide the bulb with a steady, stable voltage to enable proper performance and output. There are two basic types of AC HID ballasts – digital and analog. Analog ballasts are commonly found in less expensive or budget kits, and use components such as capacitors, resistors and coils to transform the vehicle’s DC power to useable AC current for the bulbs. The downside of these ballasts is the power output can fluctuate a bit, which shortens the life of the bulb. Digital ballasts, on the other hand, transform DC current to AC using a circuit with a special digital signal processing chip which improves the stability of the output power.

In addition to these AC ballasts, which put out AC power, there are also digital and analog DC ballasts. On paper, the only difference between these systems is whether they output AC or DC current. In reality, however, AC ballasts are brighter and longer lasting, although a bit more expensive. Ballasts are also usually vacuum sealed and filled with an epoxy or rubber to protect the internal components from external humidity, moisture and vibrations.