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Guitars Information

Whether you play on a professional or beginner level, it is important for musicians to select the instrument that is best suited to their particular needs. Our wide selection of electric or acoustic guitars and basses assures that you will find an exciting and enjoyable instrument regardless of your level of experience.

Acoustic Guitars

Arguably one of the most versatile instruments ever, the guitar has been used to define the experiences, attitudes, and philosophies of generations throughout the world. Acoustic guitars have been used for centuries as solo instruments and as an ensemble instrument. Although the instrument has seen its share of evolution, the simplicity of its design has allowed its sound to be manipulated and pushed to express a multitude of emotion ranging from the grit and soul of Delta Blues to the methodical and emotive sounds of classical compositions. Equipped with modern technology such as USB outs, pickups, and built-in preamps, the once quiet acoustic guitar can now be used to accompany the loudest of rock bands.

Electric Guitars

Although the acoustic guitar had been featured in large orchestral and band performances throughout its long history, it was rarely used as a lead instrument. Because of the volume limitations of the acoustic guitar, it was mostly relegated to keeping rhythm and was even valued somewhat as a percussive instrument particularly during the early big-band era. In an effort to bring the guitar to the forefront of a band and ensemble, the acoustic guitar became electrified. Since its introduction, music has never been the same.
The electric guitar, in its various forms, has been used by rock and popular artists. With its even broader potential for sound modification through the use of effects pedals and digital modeling, the electric guitar has essentially been the dominant musical instrument of the past half-century.

Effects Pedals

Effects pedals and digital sound processors have been at the forefront of expanding the versatility and capabilities of the electric guitar, making it an instrument with ever more tonal and dynamic potentials. With the aid of effects pedals, musicians now have the ability to recreate the famous tones of their favorite musicians or create their own unique tone using a combination of effects. The vast assortment of possibilities gives users complete freedom to explore any musical genre or combine genres to create new hybrid styles.