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Bluetooth Accessories

iOS and Android Smartphone Remote Control with Steering Wheel and Dash Mount

• Bluetooth Remote Control for Smartphone Devices
• Compact Remote Control
• Comes with Steering Wheel and Dash Mounts
• Compatible with Your Smartphone's Virtual Assistant

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Bluetooth Module w/ Volume Control ‐ Rocker Panel Mount (WetSounds)

• Bluetooth controller has the ability to pause, play, track forward, track backwards and adjust volume up & down
• Simple and easy to use single knob design
• Mounts into a Standard Carling Switch opening
• 3.5mm Connections for Main Output & Auxiliary Input
• Volume Controls the BT & AUX
• Remote Output Turns On/Off an Amplifier

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Universal Dash Mountable Bluetooth Media Controller with AUX Input & USB Charger

• Dash-mounted Bluetooth wireless off-road audio controller
• Have your phone tucked away safely and control your audio from the controller
• No radio needed
• 3.5MM input with weatherproof panel mount plug
• Integrated 2 Amp USB charge port
• Control volume, track, play/pause and Mode button
• 100% weather-proof controller

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Knob-style Full 7-Function Bluetooth Receiver With Built-In AUX

• Digital Music Controller
• Wireless Connection
• Remote Trigger In and Out
• Remote Trigger
• Plays Digital Music and Streams Internet Radio



Hideaway Bluetooth Receiver With Built-In 3X Line Driver

• Digital Bluetooth Controller
• No Keypad, Hides Away
• Connects to Any Amplifier
• Direct to Battery Fused Wiring



Waterproof Touch Pad Full 7-Function BTR Controller With

• Bluetooth Audio Controller
• Wireless Connection
• Water Resistant Touch Pad
• Connect to Stereo or Amp with Aux. Input
• 1" Mounting Hole



Waterproof Membrane Touch Pad Full 7-Function Bluetooth Controller

• Plays Digital Music
• Water Resistant Keypad
• Motorcycle and Rollcage Mount Included
• 1" Mounting Hole
• Wireless Connection



Universal Bluetooth 4.0 USB-powered music streaming device

• Universal USB-powered music streaming device
• Makes any stereo a Bluetooth-audio receiver
• Hi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0
• Audiophile level sound reproduction

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