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Multi-Disc CD Changers

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Single Disk Car CD/DVD Player for USA-5, USA-630 and USA-66

Single Disk CD Changer • Hide Under Seat • Mountable at Multiple Angles • Anti-Shock and Vibration



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Multi-Disc CD Changers Information

Car CD Changer Information:

CD changers allow you to access multiple CDs for quick and easy playback while driving down the road. You can hold around 10 hours of MP3 music on one CD-R/CD-RW. We carry 6-disc, 10-disc, and 12-disc changers, so that's up to 120 hours of your favorite music on hand.

Remember, safety first. The best part about multi-CD changers is that you avoid the dangerous struggle of trying to change CDs while driving. Use the remote or your stereo faceplate to switch through up to 120 hours of your favorite music.

Some changers work with any stereo that has a FM radio, allowing you to keep your factory radio in your vehicle. This is great for those who don't want to spend the time or money installing a new CD player in an old car. It also a good option if you drive a rental vehicle and you cannot make any permanent modifications. These universal changers allow you to continue to use the factory radio controls to operate the aftermarket CD changer.