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Find a large selection of Bluetooth products including speakerphones, headsets, headphones and car kits. Fast shipping + 30 day money back guarantee on all orders!

Bluetooth Audio & Accessories

Bluetooth audio products like portable Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth transmitters and accessories are a staple in today\'s tech gadgets from iPods to MP3 Players to Cell Phones. Bluetooth Car Kits are also required in California, New York, and other states have laws requiring you to use a Bluetooth headset or car kit when talking on your cell phone and driving.
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Top Sellers in Bluetooth Audio & Accessories

Water-Resistant boom BOTTLE Shock Absorbing Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Rugged boomBOTTLE Bluetooth Speaker
• Dual 40mm Drivers & Passive Subwoofer
• Built-In Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
• IPX4 splash proof construction
• Available in Five Colors
• Grey



Universal Marine-Rated Bluetooth Audio Receiver Equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 and aptX Codec

• Compatible with any Amplifier or Headunit with an Auxiliary Input
• Designed for marine and powersports applications
• IPX6 water resistance rating
• Compatible with Bluetooth equipped (A2DP) devices
• Bluetooth Version 3.0
• *Bluetooth signal up to 35 ft. (11 m) away

Most Frequently Added Accessory:



Universal Marine Bluetooth Audio Controller / Receiver

• Bluetooth Version 4.0
• Bluetooth signal up to 35 ft. (11 m) away
• For use in all environments
• IPX6 water resistance rating

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iOS and Android Smartphone Remote Control with Steering Wheel and Dash Mount

• Bluetooth Remote Control for Smartphone Devices
• Compact Remote Control
• Comes with Steering Wheel and Dash Mounts
• Compatible with Your Smartphone's Virtual Assistant

Save 20% on an iSimple BluClik Bluetooth Remote Control!



Universal Bluetooth Receiver to RCA Adapter For Wireless Streaming

• 1/8" (3.5mm) to stereo RCA audio output
• Simple one button pairing
• Auto connect after initial pairing
• Compatible with Apple & Android Bluetooth devices



Thunder Sports Series Universal Bluetooth Receiver and Remote Control

• IP66 Rating Weather Resistant Bluetooth Receiver and Remote Control
• Three Mounting Options - Surface, Flush, or Clamp
• Includes Power, Ground, and Output Connections
• Five Front Panel Touch Controls
• Works with Most Bluetooth Devices Including Smartphones and Tablets
• Replaces Head Unit and Works with Any Amplifier
• Hassle Free Bluetooth Auto-Pairing
• Includes Power, Ground, and Output Connections

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Only 3 Left!

Waterproof Switch-Mount Bluetooth Preamp Controller

• Designed to mount in a standard rocker switch opening
• Allows to music via Bluetooth enabled devices
• Meets or exceeds the ABYC & ASTM marine electronics standards
• Input Types: Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack
• Play/Pause, Tracks Forward/Back, Volume Up/Down and Power On/Off
• 1 Pair of 2V RCA Signal Outputs (i.e. 2 Channels)
• 10 Meter Bluetooth Range



Only 2 Left!

Universal Wireless Bluetooth Module Adapter

• Easy mounting to flat surfaces with the Easy router Template Guide
• Volume control / track up or down / play pause
• Bluetooth prioritization over all other inputs
• 3.5 mm Aux input on front panel
• Night illumination Buttons
• RCA inputs on rear
• Bluetooth 4.0
• Dimensions: 3.82" L x 2.13" W x 1.4" H



Only 1 Left!

Bluetooth Controller and Source Unit for Powersports and Marine Applications

• Marine-grade protection
• Volume knob and joystick button controls
• Accepts bluetooth and 3.5mm aux. sources
• Backlit to easily see in daytime or at night
• Mounting depth: 2.5"



Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Preamp Controller for Marine and Off Road Vehicles

• Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Pre-amp Controller
• Play music from any Bluetooth enabled device
• Bluetooth/USB/RCA inputs
• 6 button controller



Only 1 Left!

Bluetooth Module w/ Volume Control ‐ Rocker Panel Mount (WetSounds)

• Bluetooth controller has the ability to pause, play, track forward, track backwards and adjust volume up & down
• Simple and easy to use single knob design
• Mounts into a Standard Carling Switch opening
• 3.5mm Connections for Main Output & Auxiliary Input
• Volume Controls the BT & AUX
• Remote Output Turns On/Off an Amplifier

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Bluetooth-Enabled All-Terrain Controller with Class D Amplifier

• Class D amplifier pushes 150W max power x 2 channels
• IPX5 rated, water resistant and dustproof
• A2DP audio streaming
•Surface, flush and roll bar mounting, fits 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2"



Only 1 Left!

Premium Full-featured Personal Micro-sized Bluetooth MP3/FLAC Speaker

• Connect your Devices via Bluetooth
• Included 3.5mm Aux-in Cable
• Battery life of up to 6 Hours of Playback
• Auto Sleep Mode that Powers off the Speaker
• Built-in Speakerphone for Hands-free Calling



Only 1 Left!

Universal Dash Mountable Bluetooth Media Controller with AUX Input & USB Charger

• Dash-mounted Bluetooth wireless off-road audio controller
• Have your phone tucked away safely and control your audio from the controller
• No radio needed
• 3.5MM input with weatherproof panel mount plug
• Integrated 2 Amp USB charge port
• Control volume, track, play/pause and Mode button
• 100% weather-proof controller

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Wireless Phone Charger, Bluetooth Connected ADAS System

• Charge your phone wirelessly

  • Bluetooth speaker kit includes noise cancellation
    •Works with select ADAS apps on your phone
    • Make and receive calls with voice commands
    • Works with iOnRoad and other ADAS apps
    • Lane departure warning
    • Front collision warning

  • $199.95


    Waterproof Membrane Touch Pad Full 7-Function Bluetooth Controller

    • Plays Digital Music
    • Water Resistant Keypad
    • Motorcycle and Rollcage Mount Included
    • 1" Mounting Hole
    • Wireless Connection



    The Audio Entertainment System Cooler That Keeps Things Chill

    • Alpine PWD-CB1 Ice Cooler Entertainment System
    • RMS: 90 watts x 2 channels
    • 3.5mm auxiliary input
    • Built-in Bluetooth technology

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    Only 1 Left!

    Dual 8" 3-way Bluetooth Floor-Standing Speakers w/Line-In, Mic-Inputs, & 3.5mm Aux-In

    • Dual 8" Three-way Floor-Standing Bluetooth WirelessPlay Speakers
    • Stereo 3.5mm and RCA Inputs
    • 2-Color LED Source Button/Indicator
    • Powerful Bass Enhancement with XBASS Sound
    • Color: Black



    Knob-style Full 7-Function Bluetooth Receiver With Built-In AUX

    • Digital Music Controller
    • Wireless Connection
    • Remote Trigger In and Out
    • Remote Trigger
    • Plays Digital Music and Streams Internet Radio



    Bluetooth Receiver With CLA and Mic For Hands-Free Calling/USB port

    •Complete Wireless Bluetooth Connection
    •Low Current Draw Version
    • 5 VDC USB Charging Output
    • Talk Hands-Free
    • Stream Internet Radio



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    Bluetooth Audio & Accessories Information

    Bluetooth Cell Phone Technology Information:

    Bluetooth allows you to communicate hands-free on a cell phone via an ear piece, which frees up your hands to eat, fix your hair, read the newspaper, adjust the air temperature, or ideally to operate your vehicle (imagine such a novel idea). With a vehicle integration harness you can make or receive telephone calls without touching your cell phone and communicate with callers through your car speakers, freeing up your eyes and hands to allow you to focus on the road. Certain adapters enable your stereo to display incoming caller info and some even play music from a Bluetooth-ready media player or music phone on your car stereo. Most of all, with recent laws prohibiting cell phone use while driving in states such as California, having Bluetooth technology has legal implications that resonates beyond the convenience factor.

    To create a Bluetooth functional stereo system all you need is a cell phone with Bluetooth capability and one of the following: a universal Bluetooth kit, an aftermarket adapter for a Bluetooth-ready head-unit, or a head-unit with built-in Bluetooth functions.

    For hands-free calling you can get a plug-and-play Bluetooth kit to mount on your sun-visor, which includes a speaker and a microphone that doesn't interface with the car stereo, allowing you to add or remove the unit from your vehicles with ease. The step up from this level of universal kits is the integrated advanced Parrot devices. These connect to your factory stereo controls so that the music automatically mutes when a call comes in. After the music is muted, the caller's voice is played over your car's speakers allowing you to communicate as if on a speaker-phone.

    A brand name aftermarket Bluetooth adapter connects to a same-brand stereo. These allow you to make or receive phone calls without touching your cell phone. They also enable your stereo to display incoming caller info. It also includes a microphone, which you can mount on your dash or sun visor, allowing you to communicate with callers through your car speakers.

    The easiest way to get Bluetooth capability in your vehicle is to purchase a head-unit with built-in Bluetooth functions. Installation is easier and you get the full benefits of Bluetooth technology.

    Make your last dial by giving us a call at 1-877-289-7664. Call us to get on your way to talking hand-free anywhere.