Complete your amplifier installation with quality accessories and kits. Find all what you need to install your amp such as wiring kits, distribution blocks, cables and more.

Amplifier Installation & Accessories

Your new car amplifier isn't going to install itself and you will most likely need some installation accessories. In this category you will find everything you need to successfully install a car amplifier and much more. Here you can browse our large selection of car amplifier wiring kits, circuit breakers, distribution blocks, RCA interconnects, connectors, terminals, fuse holders, and much more!
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Top Sellers in Amplifier Installation & Accessories

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8 reviews

Two fuses per order. High quality 200 Amp ANL Fuses

• 200A ANL Fuse
• 2 Pack
• Nickel Plated
• Resealable Polybag
• Heavy Duty Construction



True 1.0 Farad 20V Capacitor with Digital Read-out, Built-in Distribution Block

• For Systems Up To 1200 Watts
• Bright Blue LED Voltage Display
• Improves Bass Response (SPL)



8 Gauge Full Spec CCA Amplifier Wiring Kit for Systems up to 450 Watts

• 8 Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit
• Ideal for Systems Up to 450 Watts
• Premium Power and Ground Wire Provides Optimal Power Transfer



4/8 Gauge AGU Fuse Holder

• 4/8 Gauge In-line Fuse Holder
• Satin Chrome Plated For Excellent Power Transfer And Great Design
• Screw Terminals Hold Cables Securely In Place
• Smoked Heat Resistant Housing

Save 35% on an AGU Fuse Holder with Purchase!



1/0 + 4 Gauge Dual Amplifier Power Kit (CCA Wiring)

• Complete 0/1 + 4 Gauge Dual Amp Install Kit
• Designed Specifically For Car Audio Systems Up to 3000 Watts Max
• Premium Power and Ground Wire Provides Optimal Power Transfer
• 30% Copper CCA Wire



2 Pack of Satin Chrome-Plated Positive/Negative Battery Terminals with one 0/1 Gauge Input and two 4 Gauge Outputs

2 Pack of Positive or Negative Battery Terminal Clamp • Connects to the positive or negative battery terminal • Splits the connection to 3 outputs • One 1/0 and Two 4 AWG or 8 AWG outputs



Only 2 Left!

80W 2-Channel Line Output Converter with Digital Noise Filter + Line Driver

• 6:1 Step Down With Adjustable Output
• DC Amplifier Turn On Trigger
• 80w Maximum Input total (40w per channel)



300W (150W Per Channel) Premium, Super Low Distortion 2-Channel Adjustable Line Output Converter

• 2-Channel Premium Adjustable Line Output Converter
• 3:1 Step Down With Adjustable Output
• 300w Total Maximum Input (150w Per Channel)
• Super Low Distortion



True 1/0 Gauge, 100% Copper Dual Amplifier Wiring Kit (Includes Everything For Power Connections)

• 1/0 Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit
• 100% Oxygen-Free Copper
• Envy Flex Flexible Insulation
• Exceeds CEA Standards
• For One or Two Amplifiers
• Thicker Than The Competition!



Video In Motion Bypass Module for select 2013-2017 Pioneer/Clarion/Jensen Stereos

•Video In Motion Bypass Module for select 2013-2015 Pioneer/Clarion/Jensen Radios
• Auto Parking Brake Bypass Interface
• Simple 3-Wire Installation
• Will Work w/Future Software Updates

20% off Add Video-in-Motion to your stereo purchase



  • 4.4
7 reviews

World's Smallest AFS / Mini ANL Fuse Holder

• Works with Mini ANL (MANL) or AFS Fuses
• Accepts 4 or 8 Gauge Wire
• All Brass Construction
• Polycarbonate Base and Cover

Save 35% on an AFS / Mini ANL Fuse Holder with Purchase!



  • 4.5
8 reviews

Four fuses per order. High quality 80 Amp MANL Fuses

• 80A MANL Fuse (4 Pack)
• Nickel Plated for Better Power Transfer
• Resealable Polybag
• Heavy Duty Construction



  • 5.0
5 reviews

Four fuses per order. High quality 150 Amp MANL Fuses

• 150A MANL Fuse (4 Pack)
• Nickel Plated for Better Power Transfer
• Resealable Polybag
• Heavy Duty Construction



2 Channel Line Out Converter with AccuBASS & 5-year warranty*!

• Two Channels of Active Speaker Level Inputs
• AccuBASS Processing
• 9.5 Volt Pre-Amp Outs
• GTO - Signal Sensing Inputs

Add the Remote Subwoofer Control and Save 20%



2.0 Farad Capacitor with Digital Red Display, Perfect for systems up to 2000W

• 2.0 Farad Power Capacitor
• Perfect for Systems up to 2000 Watts
• Audible Warning
• Red Voltage Display
• Mounting Brackets Included



Universal Remote Level Control with Female RCA Audio Interconnect

• Dash Mounted Amplifier Level Control for Volume Adjustment
• Perfect For Balancing the System to Change Music Styles
• Adjust Amplifier Gain While Driving



  • 4.1
7 reviews

Ground Loop Isolator for 3.5mm Headphone/Minijack Auxiliary Aux Connections

• Conveniently Plugs Between Music Player And Receiver AUX
• Includes Male and Female 3.5mm Connections
• Creates 1.3dB Signal Gain for Improved Performance



2-Channel K-Series Speaker Wire to RCA Line Out Converter (LOC)

• Speaker Cable to RCA Adapter
• 2-Channel K-Series
• Line Out Converter
• K Grip Connectors w/ Split Pin RCA
• Silver Tinned OFC Wire

VIP Guarantee - FREE 2-Day Shipping,
10% Rewards, Extended Warranty and more!



8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit with Fuse, Fuse Holder and RCA Interconnect Cables (AK8AGU)

• Complete 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit with RCA Interconnect Cables
• 17ft. Blue Power Cable
• 3ft. Black Ground Cable
• 17ft. Blue RCA Cable
• 17ft. Blue Remote Turn-On Wire



  • 4.8
9 reviews

Four fuses per order. High quality 100 Amp MANL Fuses

• 100A MANL Fuse (4 Pack)
• Nickel Plated for Better Power Transfer
• Resealable Polybag
• Heavy Duty Construction



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Amplifier Installation & Accessories Information

When your goal is to improve sound quality and get the most power and sound volume from your aftermarket speakers, you will have to choose from a wide selection of car amplifiers. With more powerful and better speakers, the amps that come inside the head unit receiver will not be sufficient, creating an opportunity to find some high quality car amplifier accessories and really fine tune your system.

No matter what your technical capacity is, our wide range of car amplifier installation accessories will help you get the job done. If you plan on installing the new amp yourself, we offer you almost everything you need, from wiring kits to capacitors to fuses and adapters ? just not the tools needed to install them. This should be immensely empowering if you want to maintain closer control over exactly what goes on inside your car audio system. And our expert technology staff will be happy to field your initial questions if you are considering purchasing the needed car amps accessories to help you make sure everything is compatible.

But if you are like most people and you need a professional to get your new car amplifier installed and set up correctly, you can still benefit from our selection of car amplifier accessories, offered at great prices and including a range of qualities to fit any budget or discerning ear. The options we offer as far as level of customizability are remarkable. You can opt for just the basics, get a professional monitoring system so that you can keep your amp performing at peak capacity, or leave your options open for further expansions.

Once you know the components you need, you can order them here or get assistance from our staff, who would love to help customers affordably and successfully upgrade their car stereos. So look over our selection of accessories that compliment all the possible car amplifiers you are considering to make the most out of your car audio investment.