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Sing like a super star with our large selection of Karoake Machines, microphones, software and more. Shop now and add an extra element of fun to any party!


In here you'll find everything from Karaoke CD+G players, to all-in-one systems and magic microphones. We have all the Karaoke gear you need to become the next American Idol or just have a great home party.
Karaoke Microphones

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Karaoke Mixer with Digital Input and 2 Wireless Microphones

• Karaoke system with two microphones
• Connects between TV and home sound system
• Compatible with any digital optical output (PCM only) and sound sytems with 1/8" stereo or RCA input
• Two microphones operate in 2.4Ghz band
• Each mic has built-in volume controls



Karaoke Information

Karaoke Systems Are the Life of the Party

Keep Clients Calling for More with Karaoke Systems

Most DJs are primarily interested in making parties jump and practicing their skills mixing and remixing to create the perfect beat. But for professional DJs that play private parties or anyone who is interested in getting a party-DJing business started, the value of karaoke systems cannot be denied. The simple fact is that people love to sing along with their favorite songs. So if you are a DJ looking to expand the types of clients you can play for with your DJ gear, consider one of the karaoke systems featured here.

You have a number of karaoke options depending on your other DJ equipment and what type of experience you want to create. The simplest products are karaoke players and karaoke microphones. These are two basic devices that play the songs, allow people to sing, and let the DJ mix the levels before sending the signal downstream to the amps and speakers. Some include integrated speakers, some are extremely portable or stand-alone, and some feature sound effects and separate EQs. But it is all simple to set up and use, with few “bells and whistles.” If all you want to do is let people sing along with karaoke versions of songs, these are great, budget-friendly options

The next step up involves a karaoke system with individual components, built around one of our karaoke mixers. Karaoke mixers allow you to fine-tune the levels of the mics and the music as well as apply effects and change the pitch of the song, so that the singer sounds as good as possible. Many of these mixers also have video outs so that you can use karaoke DVDs to project the lyrics for singers. This is the last step, and creates the karaoke experience most people expect. It means bringing either a monitor or projector and screen to display the lyrics, but leads to satisfied customers every time.

Karaoke isn’t the best choice for every part, but adding the option to your DJ toolkit will create more opportunities to give people a party experience they won’t forget.