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Floor Standing Speakers

  • 4.0
2 reviews

Dual 8" 3-way Bluetooth Floor-Standing Speakers w/Line-In, Mic-Inputs, & 3.5mm Aux-In

• Dual 8" Three-way Floor-Standing Bluetooth WirelessPlay Speakers
• Stereo 3.5mm and RCA Inputs
• 2-Color LED Source Button/Indicator
• Powerful Bass Enhancement with XBASS Sound
• Color: Black



Floor Standing Speakers Information

Upgrade your bedroom, living room or office with some sleek floor speakers and get the best bang for your buck. Most floor standing speakers produce a full range of sounds with both high and low frequencies. But once in a while you’ll want to purchase an additional subwoofer to improve the bass and enjoy your system that much more. Location after purchasing your floor speakers is very important. Fabric, furniture and walls absorb and interact with the bass so it is crucial to avoid placing any objects in between the speakers and the listener, assuming you want to get the best sound quality out of your speakers. Some consumers use floor standing speakers for a jam session or simply as a home stereo in the bedroom or living area in place of an old fashioned cd player. Bluetooth capabilities and auxiliary plugs are pretty handy and allow you to enjoy movies, music and gaming using your smartphone, laptop, television and many more devices!