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Enjoy Great Sound with Electronic Percussion Tools
Add Electronic Percussion and Portability to Your Rig

Electronic percussion tools can open up a whole new world of possibilities for studio and live musicians, from percussionists to DJs to budding drummers. Electronic drum sets offer incredible flexibility as far as kit size, portability, practice scenarios, and the range of musical sounds and styles they can create.

For the studio drummer and recording engineer never sure what sound will be needed for the next recording, an electronic drum kit with fine-tunable sound for each drum head as well as internal effects will make balancing the recording and satisfying the artist that much easier. These drums sets are also great for aspiring drummers who need to learn quietly, because they can be played with headphones and fold up to store easily when not in use. Likewise, for traveling percussionists who want the ease of a collapsible, portable kit with professional quality sound and durability, an electronic drum set might be the solution.

But the real way that our range of electronic percussion equipment stands out is the versatility these pieces offer to performers and DJs as a compliment to standard DJ equipment. They offer an engaging interface for DJs who want to actively craft the mix onstage, making for more dynamic visuals. Or for the DJ who live-mixes samples while spinning, the drum heads can be programmed in real time to play any sounds or samples, making it possible to create dynamic, unique, and evolving tracks while performing.

Even amateur DJs can see their capacity expand with electronic percussion tools and singing machines. These pieces offer the basic scratching, sampling, mixing, and remixing functions of a larger kit but at a fraction of the price and complexity.

Whether you want to build a full electronic drum set piece by piece, an all-in-one percussion instrument that can sample and play programmed sounds, or just a simple practice pad, at SonicElectronix we have the right DJ equipment at the best prices, and an expert staff to help you make the best decision to meet your electronic percussion needs.