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Tune your system to perfection with these crossovers, equalizers, and bass drivers. Search this category and improve the sound quality of your sound system.

Dual Sound Processors

Dual Equalizers
Dual Bass Restoration & Expanders
Dual Digital Sound Processors

Top Sellers in Dual Sound Processors

Digital Bass Restoration Processor

• Input sensitivity: Up to 15V
• Boosts low frequency power to any system
• Bass Boost: 0 to +18dB
• Frequency response: 10 - 100Hz
• Subwoofer frequency range, center frequency and bass boost controls



7-Band Bluetooth Graphic Equalizer, Stream Music and Adjust from Your Smartphone!

• Bluetooth Controlled 7-Band Equalizer
• Remote Gain Control Knob Included
• Make Adjustments from Your Smartphone via App
• Subwoofer Frequency and Level Control



7-Band Parametric Equalizer w/ Built-In Bluetooth

• 7-Band Parametric Equalizer
• 3 Sets of Preamp Outputs
• Frequency Response: 10-20,000 Hz
• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 103dB



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