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Crossover Calibrator (CC1)

Crossover Calibrator • Also Matches The Gain Settings On Amp(s) • Circuitry Is Digital Microprocessor Controlled • Crossover -3dB Point Accuracy +/- 0.25dB • Auto-Shut Off Timer




Volt Meter (14-18v Systems) VM-1hv

• Input Range: 6v-30v
• Voltage Reading Range: 12.6v - 20.2v
• Accuracy: +/- 0.20v
• 100% Analog circuitry allows for near instantaneous voltage accuracy



Heavy Duty Four ANL Fuse Block Cover W/ Integrated SMD VM-1 Volt Meter

• For use with aftermarket sound systems or accessories like wenches
• Built-In SMD VM-1 Volt Meter
• Industrial-strength quadruple fuse holder
• Stainless steel hardware
• Also works in marine applications