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Universal Dash Mountable Bluetooth Media Controller with AUX Input & USB Charger

• Dash-mounted Bluetooth wireless off-road audio controller
• Have your phone tucked away safely and control your audio from the controller
• No radio needed
• 3.5MM input with weatherproof panel mount plug
• Integrated 2 Amp USB charge port
• Control volume, track, play/pause and Mode button
• 100% weather-proof controller

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Panel Mount 3.5mm and USB Input with Volume Control and 2.1A Charging (Includes 3.5 mm Cable)

• Panel Mount 3.5mm and USB Input
• Volume Control
• 2.1 A Charging
• 3.5mm Cable included



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Wireless Bluetooth Audio Controller w/ LCD Display

• Replaces Traditional Head-Unit In Dash
• Bluetooth, Aux-in, FM & AM Audio Sources
• Easy to read day or night, hyper-white, back lit LED display
• Adjustable Bass, Treble, Balance and Fading control
• Weather-proof durability
• Control panel display is compact and easy to mount



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