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Bluetooth Handsfree kits for cars let your phone interact with your car stereo so that you can accept and make calls without ever looking down at your phone. Drive and talk legally with Bluetooth hands free kits! View our selection of hands free car kits for name brand manufacturers.

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Universal Dash Mountable Bluetooth Media Controller with AUX Input & USB Charger

• Dash-mounted Bluetooth wireless off-road audio controller
• Have your phone tucked away safely and control your audio from the controller
• No radio needed
• 3.5MM input with weatherproof panel mount plug
• Integrated 2 Amp USB charge port
• Control volume, track, play/pause and Mode button
• 100% weather-proof controller

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Wireless Bluetooth Audio Controller w/ LCD Display

• Replaces Traditional Head-Unit In Dash
• Bluetooth, Aux-in, FM & AM Audio Sources
• Easy to read day or night, hyper-white, back lit LED display
• Adjustable Bass, Treble, Balance and Fading control
• Weather-proof durability
• Control panel display is compact and easy to mount



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