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Remote Turn-on Module

• Remote Turn-On Module
• Used To Turn On Remote Amplifiers
• 2 Second Delay To Prevent Turn-On Noise
• Supplies 2 Amps Of Current
• Can Drive Multiple Amps Or A Power Antenna
• Activated By Low Level Trigger Lead



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Programmable trigger module with 8 inputs and 4 programmable outputs for audio and security installations

• Universal versatile trigger module with four channels
• 8 Inputs: 4 Positive and 4 Configurable as Positive and Negative Input Channels
• 4 Programmable Output Channels
• Customized PC programming capablities
• Pre-configured presets for most popular uses
• Save and load user defined configurations
• LED confirmation indicators



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Universal Intelligent and Compact 4-Camera Switcher

• Universal fit
• Supports 4 cameras, front, rear, back and sides
• Works on factory and aftermarket radios, factory radios require interface
• Automatically activates when put in reverse or turn signals activated



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