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Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate Distribution Blocks

Rockford Fosgate Ground Distribution Blocks
Rockford Fosgate Power Distribution Blocks

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Distribution Block with One 1/0 AWG Input & Two 1/0 AWG Outputs

• 1/0 AWG Distribution Block
• One 1/0 AWG Input & Two 1/0 AWG Outputs
• Platinum finish
• Custom tooled solid brass



One 0 - 4 Gauge Input to Three 4 - 8 Gauge Output Solid Brass Distribution Block

• One 1/0 AWG Input with 4 AWG Adapter/Reducer
• Three 4 AWG Outputs with 8 AWG Adapter/Reducer
• Can be used for Power or Ground connections
• Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation
• Custom tooled 100% solid brass
• HPP plating for superior corrosion resistance
• Flexible for use with multiple wire sizes
• Connect up to Three Amplifiers from one power source
• Smoked heat-resistant RockfordFosgate cover
• Platinum finish



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Fused AGU Distribution Block with 1/0 AWG or 4 AWG inputs and 4 AWG or 8 AWG outputs

Platinum plated AGU style fused distribution, flexibility of multiple wire size inputs and outputs. Allows for 2 AGU style fuses. Accept 1/0 AWG and 4 AWG inputs. (2) 4 AWG/8 AWG outputs.



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