Protect your car amplifier with Power and ground distribution blocks. Find quality distribution blocks for name brand manufactures such as Xscorpion and Stinger. Buy now!
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MAXI Fuse Power Distribution Block with One 1/0 Gauge Input and Two 4 Gauge Outputs

Premium Series Distribution Block • MAXI Fuses • 1/0 or 4 AWG Input • 4 or 8 AWG Outputs • Nickel Plated • Includes Grommets and Wrenches



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4-Way MAXI Fused Distribution Block

• One 1/0 - 4 AWG Input
• Four 4 - 8 AWG Outputs
• Forged and machined brass construction
• Marine-grade stannum plating
• High-temperature polycarbonate base



Multiple Gauge Input And Output Distribution Block

Versatile Power Distribution Block • Used For Ground Or +12V Connections • Three 1/0 Or 2 Gauge Connections, Plus Three 4 Or 8 Gauge Connections

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