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StreetWires 8 Gauge Amp Kits

8 AWG ZN1 Series Single Amplifier Installation Kit

• Power Installation Kit
• 8 AWG
• Designed for Systems up to 200 watts
• Copper-Clad Aluminum
• AFS Fuse Holder with Fuse
• True-to-Gauge Cables/Wires



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8 AWG Zero Noise ZN3 Series Amplifier Installation Kit with Power/Ground Cable, RCAs and Fuse Holder

• 8 Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit w/Interconnects
• Designed Specifically for Car Audio Systems up to 500 Watts
• Made From Aluminum
• Super Flex Jacket
• AFS Fuse Holder
• True-to-Gauge Cables/Wires



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