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Pair of 4 AWG Spade Connectors

Pair of 4 AWG Spade Connectors • Pulse Plated Finish • Includes Protective PVC Boots • More Professional-Looking Installation than Bare Wire • Prevents Corrosion of the Copper Strands in your Cable



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Pair of 1/0 Gauge (1/0 AWG) Set Screw Power Ring Terminals

1/0 Gauge Set Screw Power Ring • Two step termination • Precision machined from billet high conductivity brass • Heavy duty steel socket set screws



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4 Gauge Interlok Power Ring

Interlok Power Ring • Supports 4 Gauge Cables • Precision-Machined • Tight Contact



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1/0 Gauge Interlok Power Ring

1/0 Gauge Interlok Power Ring • Maintains gas-tight contact with every strand of wire • Machined wrench flats allow easy tightening



Pair of 4 AWG / 4 Gauge Set Screw Power Ring Terminals

Power ring terminals provides a quick and easy installation • Insert the bare wire end and use a small screwdriver to tighten the gold-plated locking screw for a strong connection • Set screw rings are machined from high-conductivity brass with corrosion-resistant diamond nickel plating



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