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Line Out Converter Provides Complete Integration of Aftermarket Speakers into a Vehicle OEM System

• Line Out Converter For OEM Integration
• Sums and Balances Signals From the Factory Stereo
• Produces a Full-Bandwidth, Line-Level Output Signal
• Built-in Auxiliary Input

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6-Channel Digital Signal Processor (FrontRow)

• Digital Signal Processor
• Shocwave Bass Restoration Circuit For Deep Bass And Full Frequency Response
• Total Sound Stage Control With Speaker Time Alignment
• Clip Limiter Eliminates Distortion For Loudest And Clearest Sound
• All The Crossovers Needed For Greater Accuracy And Control



30-Band Graphic Equalizer w/ 9 Volt Pre-Amp Output

• 30-band Graphic EQ and Pre-Amp
• Center Frequencies at 1/3 octave intervals
• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >95dB
• Input Sensitivity: 500mV - 9 volts
• Output Level: 0 - 9 volts
• Stereo/Mono Operation



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