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Satisfy your power hungry audio system with high performance batteries and power cells. Find batteries and accessories including terminals, power supplies, isolators and relays.

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Positive or Negative Competition Brass Battery Terminal with Two 1/0-8 Gauge and One 4-8 Gauge Output

• Positive or Negative Competition Battery Terminal with Two 1/0-8 Gaquge and One 4-8 Gauge Output
• Brass Construction
• (2) 1/0-4 Gauge out
• (1) 4-8 Gauge out
• No Fail Battery Terminal Includes a Negative Post Adapter Collar That Locks Into Place for Tight Grip and Best Connection



Sonic Exclusive Big 3 Upgrade Combo Package (1/0 AWG Hyper-flex Cable)

• Includes Kicker 1/0 Power & Ground Cable
• Kicker Battery Terminal Clamp
• Helps Eliminate Dimming Headlights
• Stops Drops in Voltage
• Improves Vehicles System Charging
• Includes Wire & Cable Cutter/Stripper



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