Find everything you need to install car audio system including wiring harness, dash kits, amp kits and more. Without the proper accessories, you audio system won?t sound as good as it should be. To get the full potential from your car electronics gear, pick up accessories such as Bluetooth car kits, satellite radio, HD radio, Android and iPhone Adapters and more.
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Platinum Plated Universal +/- 0/4/8/8 Gauge Battery Terminal

• Platinum Plated Universal Battery Terminal
• Designed for high-current applications
• Superior performance for car audio wiring projects



10" SLAPS Series High Performance Passive Radiator

• 10" Tuned Radiator
• Provides Additional Bass without Additional Amplifier Power or Enclosure Volume
• Adds Up to 6dB of Bass
• Tunable to Match Any Vehicle Requirement



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