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Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones & Earbuds Information

The quality design and engineering put into Sennhesier headphones are not just limited to over ear and on ear headphones. Sennheiser has developed an outstanding line of comfortable in ear earbuds that are every bit as powerful as their over ear counterparts. No matter what kind of lifestyle you live or what purpose you plan on using your earbuds for, browsing Sennhesier’s selection is sure to lead you to a perfect fit.

The crown jewel of the Sennheiser earbud selection is the noise isolating IE 80 studio monitors, which are a perfect fit for your inner audiophile. The high fidelity IE ear buds feature special neodymium magnets and are intended for serious music listening and provide outstanding sound for your favorite music.

For athletes looking for a good pair of running or gym earbuds that will stay snugly in your ear during your workouts, Sennhesier has specially designed athletic earbuds. These headphones, which are in both classic ear bud style as well as the PMX and PCX series earbuds with a wraparound neckband design, are intended to thrive during even your most extreme workouts. The CX series Adidas Active Sport earbuds include integrated wrap around ear hooks to stay in your ears. For even more convenience, select Sennheiser headphones include in-line microphones and volume control, allowing you take and receive phone calls and adjust your volume without having to pull out your smartphone or MP3 player.

The SET series of Sennhesier earbuds are mobile sound booster systems designed to aid those hard of hearing. These wireless systems connect to your television or stereo and offer the ability to hear what is going on without cranking up the volume and bothering others.

No matter the choice you make with Sennheiser, you know you’ll be getting a pair of high quality headphones.