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Sennheiser Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Information

Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones provide the ultimate in private listening convenience. With Bluetooth, you eliminate messy cables and no longer have to deal with tangles. No more pulling your headphones out of your pocket, backpack, briefcase or any other storage and have to spend several minutes untangling your previously carefully wrapped headphone cable. Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones will connect to virtually any smartphone, computer or tablet that is Bluetooth enabled to stream your music wirelessly. And with a pair of Sennheiser headphones, you know you’ll be getting top of the line quality sound.

If you are looking for a pair of headphones that come with volume controls and a microphone, select Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones come with these built in to the ear cups. One of the biggest advantages of Bluetooth headphones, besides the wire-free use, is that you can leave your music source in one location and be free to move around without it. Bluetooth headphones have a maximum range of about 30 feet like most other Bluetooth products.

Ditch the annoying wires and cables of traditional headphones and go wireless with a pair of Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones!