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0 Gauge Inverter Cable for PI-3000W or Power Inverters up to 3000 Watts

• Whistler IC-3000W Inverter Cable
• Compatible with Power Inverters up to 3000 Watts
• Cable Length: 3 FT
• Cable Size: 0 AWG
• Not For Use on Inverters Higher than 3000 Watts



Only 1 Left!

2,000-Watt High Surge Power Inverter

• 2000W MAX
• Remote-Control Ready Thermostat Controlled Fan
• 3 AC Outlets
• 2 USB Ports
• Digital Volt/Watt Meter Mountable
• Electronic Circuit Protection
• Black



400-Watt High Surge Power Inverter

• 400W MAX
• Cooling Fan
• 2 AC Outlets
• 2 USB Ports
• Includes Power Cable w/Clamps & 12V Adapter Cable
• Electronic Circuit Protection
• Black



Inverter Remote Switch for 1200 watt and higher Pro series and XP series inverters

• Remote Switch for Whistler Pro Series Inverters
• Turns the Power Inverter On/Off Remotely
• Fast and Easy Installation
• 6 Feet of Cable