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Valentine Radar Detectors & Accessories

Valentine Radar Detectors
Valentine Radar Detector Accessories

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A Streetwise Partner For V1

• Eight Setting Thumb Wheel Control
• Works Exclusively with the V1
• AUTO and NONE Modes
• Replaces the Lighter Adapter



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Valentine One V1 Radar Detector Remote Audio Adapter

• Valentine One Remote Audio Adapter
• Built=in Speaker and Two Headphone Jacks
• 3.5mm and 2.5mm Outputs
• Control Knob



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"Valentine 1" Radar Detector/Locator with Laser Warning

• Radar Detector/Locator
• Laser Warning
• Front and Rear Detection
• X, K, Ka, Ku Bands and Laser
• Continuous Upgrades
• Pop Protection
• High-Efficiency Double-Ridged Horn Antenna



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