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Hitron Power & Ground Wire

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20' Power/Ground Cable with Blue Jacket

Blue 4 Gauge Power / Ground Cable • 20' Spool of Wire • Ideal for Amplifier Installations and Wire Upgrades

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8 Gauge Wire, Fuse Holder & Ring Terminal Kit

• 8 Gauge Cable Kit
• 8 Gauge Red Wire to Run to Battery
• 8 Gauge Ring Terminal Pre-Crimped on End of Wire
• Platinum-Plated AGU Fuse Holder
• Great Solution Instead of Manually Crimping, Cutting, Connecting

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4 Gauge RED Wire, Fuse Holder, & Ring Terminal (Same as X-Scorpion PL-K4R)

• 4 AWG Cable Kit (RED)
• 4 Gauge RED Wire to run to battery
• 4 Gauge Ring Terminal pre-crimped on end of wire
• Platinum-plated AGU Fuse Holder