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Tune your system to perfection with these crossovers, equalizers, and bass drivers. Search this category and improve the sound quality of your sound system.
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7-Band Graphic Equalizer, 1/2 DIN, 8V Output Line Driver

• 7-Band Graphic Equalizer
• 8V Line Driver Built-In
• Switchable Low Pass Crossover
• Gold-Plated RCA Inputs
• Subwoofer Level Control



Speaker Wire to RCA High Level Input for select Massive Audio Amplifiers

• Adapts speaker wire to RCA male plugs
• Works with select Massive Audio amps
• Activates Auto Turn On in Massive amps
• Two sets of cables, four resistors



3 Channel Active Crossover w/ Subwoofer Control and Gain Remote

• 3-way Electronic Crossover
• Assymetrical Crossovers
• 5V Max Output Voltage
• Under Dash Remote Included
• 14.4V DC Negative Ground Power Source



2/4 Channel speaker to RCA Line Out Converter

• Four or two channel input
• High/low output selector
• Low distortion
• Wireless Bluetooth streaming available
• 5V max output level RMS<
• Frequency response: 10 - 80000Hz



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