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Top Sellers in AudioControl Last Chance Clearance

6-Channel OEM Integration Line Out Converter with Equalizer & AccuBASS, 5-year warranty*!

• 6-Channel Line Output Converter
• 6-Channel Preamp Level Outputs
• 12-Volt turn-on lead output
• Independent Front, Rear, and Sub EQ Controls

Add the Remote Subwoofer Control and Save 20%



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Concert Series Two Way Crossover with 5-year warranty*!

• Concert Series 2-Way Crossover
• Built-In Line Driver
• High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters
• Simple Connection and Setup
• Balanced Inputs
• Internal Switching
• Ground Isolation Selector
• Gold-Plated RCA Jacks
• Black Blue



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Bass Restoration Processor with OEM Integration, Aux Input & 5-year warranty*!

• EpicenterPlus Bass Restoration Processor
• OEM Integration Interface
• PFM Woofer Protection
• Bass Maximization Circuit
• Speaker Level Inputs
• Automatic Turn-On
• Dash Mountable Remote
• Bass Maximization Circuit
• Sierra White



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6 Channel Trunk Mount 13-Band Graphic Equalizer with 5-year warranty*!

• Six Inputs and Outputs
• Dual-bandwidth Equalization
• Front / Rear / Sub Fader Compatible
• 13 Graphic Equalizer Bands
• Built-in Line Driver
• Color: Black Blue



Only 1 Left!